Senior Software Engineer

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Betterworks offers software for strategic plans, OKRs, and performance, perfect for aligned and effective execution in top companies.

About Betterworks

Betterworks provides enterprise software solutions designed to enhance strategic planning, goal-setting through OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and continuous performance management conversations. The company focuses on driving alignment and effective execution within high-performing organizations. Some of the world's leading brands, such as Walmart and Intuit, leverage Betterworks to revolutionize business and talent management with next-gen strategies.

Opportunities for Senior Software Engineers

Senior Software Engineers at Betterworks are responsible for crafting an enterprise-class continuous performance management system. Responsibilities include developing complex applications for large-scale decision-making, upholding scalable architecture, coding with best practices, collaborating with a cross-functional team, mentoring, conducting code reviews, and staying at the forefront of emerging tech trends.

Requirements for Success

To succeed at Betterworks, one needs a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field, over five years of software development experience, proficiency in full-stack development particularly with Django and Node.js, comprehensive understanding of web and backend technologies, REST APIs, and relational databases like Postgres, as well as a commitment to strong engineering practices. AWS knowledge and integration skills, along with advanced problem-solving capabilities and team collaboration, are highly valued. Prior exposure to Scrum and remote team dynamics is a plus.

Company Culture and Benefits

Betterworks values its people above all, offering a balanced work-life dynamic, unlimited vacation, team events, competitive compensation, and extensive benefits — including health insurance, accident coverage, remote working flexibility, work-from-home setup reimbursement, and internet stipends.

Global Workforce and Diversity

The Betterworks software solution is adept at supporting global workforces, available in more than 20 languages and used by employees in over 100 countries. Continuous Performance Management is key to the company's success. Betterworks maintains a strong stance on equality, diversity, and inclusive practices, embracing a workforce that reflects an array of backgrounds and experiences.

Stay Connected

Engage with Betterworks on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to keep abreast of the latest developments and opportunities.

Commitment to Equality and Inclusion

Betterworks is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse and inclusive work environment. It values varied perspectives, and this diversity is considered essential to understanding the needs of its widespread community.

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Global, with headquarters in the United States

Software development


February 9, 2024


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