Aha!: Sr. Front End Engineer

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Discover how Aha! helps companies create lovable software with top product development tools. Join a high-growth, remote SaaS team fostering innovation.

Introduction to Aha!

Aha! is revolutionizing the product development process with its suite of top-rated tools used by over 700,000 creators. Their software suite, including Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Notebooks, and Aha! Develop, supports companies in crafting exceptional software. Committed to excellence, Aha! operates as a unique, self-funded, profitable, 100% remote company.

The Aha! Team

The Aha! engineering team is known for its productivity and is fully remote, aligning with North American time zones. A focus on growth, efficiency, product over process, knowledge sharing, and job enjoyment defines the team's culture. Onboarding programs help new hires integrate swiftly, contributing to meaningful projects with minimal delay.

Engineering and Technology

Aha!'s technology stack is robust, with a Ruby on Rails monolith, Postgres, Redis, and memcached, supplemented by a Node.js server for real-time interactions. The front end leverages React for a dynamic user experience across various features. Innovation and maintenance are carefully balanced to ensure the product remains both cutting-edge and reliable.

Your Role as Senior Front End Engineer

Aha! seeks kind and talented Senior Front End Engineers who are experienced with React and cloud-based product functionalities. The role involves full-stack development, focusing on creating rich front end user experiences and providing backend support with Ruby on Rails. Key to the role is collaboration with product and UX teams to iteratively develop and optimize features.

Benefits and Career Growth at Aha!

At Aha!, employees have access to a range of benefits like profit sharing, comprehensive health coverage, generous paid time off, and education allowances for professional growth. They place high value on personal development and volunteering, offering support for learning and community service.

To join the Aha! team as a Senior Front End Engineer and to contribute to a high-growth environment while enjoying significant benefits, apply via the link provided. A real person evaluates every application, ensuring that your skillset and experience are matched with the right opportunities.

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Software development


February 9, 2024


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