VP of Data and Analytics

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Explore Life360's mission to unify families with advanced mobile app and Tile devices, featuring safety and connectivity solutions for over 58M users.

About Life360

Life360 dedicates itself to bringing families together with its state-of-the-art mobile app and Tile tracking devices. Established in 2008 and listed on the ASX in 2019, Life360 has since reached over 58 million monthly active users globally, making it the 16th most-used iOS app in the United States. With the acquisitions of Tile and Jiobit in 2022, the company continues to grow, aiming for a US exchange listing and projecting revenues exceeding $300 million in 2023.

Our Vision and Features

The company strives to be a household name in family safety and connectivity, offering features such as location sharing, lost item protection, driver monitoring, emergency road assistance, and crash detection. Life360’s focus on innovation is reflected in its free and paid plans designed for families at different stages.

Global Remote-First Team

With over 500 employees, Life360 operates a remote-first policy, with leadership concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area and team members spread across the world.

Opportunity for Impact

The opportunity at Life360 is immense due to the large, engaged user base providing valuable insights. The company seeks leadership in analytics to make sense of vast data, influence safety enhancements, and demonstrate the value of location-based services through compelling storytelling.

Your Role and Responsibilities

As a leader, you'll nurture our analytical capabilities, develop comprehensive data strategies, and extract actionable insights. You’ll improve our experimentation methodology and performance measures and will advance predictive modeling to guide proactive decision-making.

Desired Expertise and Qualifications

Life360 is searching for leaders with extensive experience in data science and analytics, possessing strong business and product acumen, excellent communication abilities, and a collaborative spirit. An advanced degree in a technical field is preferred.

Our Benefits

Enjoy competitive pay, full health benefits, a 401(k) with matching, mental wellness support, generous PTO, learning opportunities, and remote work tools assistance, among other perks like free Life360 Platinum Membership and Tile products.

Life360 Values and Diversity

Life360 promotes a culture driven by values such as trust, direct communication, member-focused service, and high-impact work. The company commits to diversity, equality, and inclusivity, encouraging applicants from all walks of life to contribute to a more creative and effective team.

For further engagement and to potentially join a mission-driven company that’s reshaping family connectivity and safety, consider applying to Life360, where your contribution will make significant impacts.

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Data science


February 9, 2024


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