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Join Gusto as a Small Business Sales Advisor; assist small businesses in selecting and onboarding with personalized care and sales expertise.

Small Business Sales Advisor Role at Gusto

As a Small Business Sales Advisor at Gusto, you'll become a crucial part of the customer's journey, aiding them in selecting the optimal solutions for their businesses. High-volume communication through email, chat, and live phone interactions will be a staple of your daily tasks. Your role involves employing the Sandler Selling System to ensure a smooth onboarding process for customers, constituting 70% of your daily interactions, while solution selling will occupy about 30%.

Gusto's sales team, comprising over a hundred dedicated professionals, embraces communal goals and the spirit of teamwork. The role offers a chance to develop deep customer-focused sales skills and to significantly contribute to serving a broader customer base. Collaboration with a dynamic team ensures a nurturing environment for your career development in sales.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

On a typical day, your main responsibilities will include responding to inbound calls, chats, and emails, assisting customers at various stages, mainly focusing on support during the onboarding process. Mastery of the Gusto platform and exercising advisory selling of solutions tailored for small businesses are key facets of the role, helping customers make well-informed decisions and facilitating their success.

Candidate Requirements

Gusto is on the lookout for candidates who have at least one year of experience in high-volume sales or customer service, with a proven track record of achieving quotas or KPIs. A long-term career in sales, excellent communication skills, customer empathy, ethical practice, and adaptability to change are qualities that will set you apart. The desire to achieve goals and a passion for improving your skills are equally important for prospective candidates.

Compensation and Work Location

The role offers competitive hourly pay ranging from $22.12 to $25.96 for those located in Denver & Detroit, with rates adapting based on geographical location. The company, Gusto, Inc., is based in Denver, Colorado, but the position may allow for remote work tailored to your location.

Join the Gusto Team

Gusto encourages applicants with a genuine interest in helping small businesses thrive through exceptional customer service and advisory skills. By joining the Gusto sales team, you commit to a rewarding career that not only focuses on your professional development but also impacts small business owners positively, providing them with tailored solutions for success.

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Gusto, Inc.

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February 10, 2024


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