Senior Backend Engineer

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Join Jimdo's diverse team as a Backend Engineer, using Kotlin to develop APIs. Contribute to our mission of empowering small businesses.

About Jimdo

Jimdo exists to empower the self-employed and small business owners who form the cornerstone of the global economy. By providing innovative products and services, Jimdo enables founders to launch, expand, and efficiently manage their enterprises. Originating from a farmhouse in Northern Germany in 2007, Jimdo now operates as a profitable company with a team of 250+ employees hailing from more than 50 countries. Although based in numerous countries, the company maintains a physical office in Hamburg for collaborative projects. Initially starting as a website builder, Jimdo’s offerings now encompass a suite of tools tailored for microbusinesses, including an AI-powered GDPR-compliant website builder, online store capabilities, logo creation, legal text generation, and advanced features for SEO and social media integration.

Join Our Team

Jimdo is on the lookout for a skilled Backend Engineer to elevate our Domain and Email services. Beyond shaping APIs, the chosen candidate will craft and upkeep robust back-end systems, ensuring scalability and reliability. Responsibilities encompass the entire lifecycle of the software development process, from design to debugging, in collaboration with a dynamic team. Preference will be given to those proficient in Kotlin or Java, with a strong background in REST APIs and microservices architecture. Additional experience with cloud platforms and JavaScript technologies is a plus.

Why Work with Jimdo

Jimdo offers more than just a job; it provides a chance to engage with a mission that matters—supporting the underpinning of the economy by equipping entrepreneurs for success. With a commitment to flexibility and trust, Jimdo fosters a remote-first culture where results matter more than punching the clock. The company’s emphasis on diversity and inclusivity shines through with its international team and proactive Employee-led DEI Council. Jimdo is committed to personal and professional growth, offering access to learning resources and a workplace conducive to career development. Employees can expect competitive compensation, work flexibility, mental health support, and unique benefits, including creating their own Jimdo websites.

Benefits and Perks

At Jimdo, we believe that effective compensation and benefits are key to energizing our team members. We conduct annual salary reviews, provide setup bonuses for remote offices, and endorse workation policies that allow for geographical flexibility. Our comprehensive employee assistance program underlines our commitment to staff well-being, and we offer the added bonus of up to three complimentary Jimdo websites for our team’s personal or business use.

Apply Now

We invite Backend Engineers with a passion for Kotlin, a knack for API development, and the ambition to drive change in a thriving company to apply for this exciting role at Jimdo. If you're ready to make a palpable impact from day one, Jimdo is your stage.

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Software development


February 10, 2024


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