Photobooth Supply Co: Inside Sales Representative

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Join Photobooth Supply Co. as an Inside Sales Photo Booth Strategist, helping entrepreneurs with business plans. Must be curious, driven, and adaptable.

Opportunity at Photobooth Supply Co.

Photobooth Supply Co., based in Santa Ana, California, is on the lookout for an enthusiastic Inside Sales Photo Booth Strategist to enhance their team. This role is perfect for individuals who are highly communicative, tech-savvy, and possess a natural curiosity for continuous learning. If you find yourself comfortably speaking in emojis, love engaging with online content, and have a knack for asking insightful questions, this position might be your calling.

Job Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be undertaking a variety of tasks, which include attending to inbound sales communications such as chats and calls, engaging with a robust sales pipeline through diversified activities, and travelling to trade shows. With a mission to assist budding entrepreneurs in crafting effective business plans, the role demands a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, diligence, and flexibility in adapting to different scenarios.

Working Hours

Candidates can expect a weekly schedule from Monday to Friday, with working hours stretching from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, in time zones including CST, PST, EST, and MST. There is also a weekend schedule option available, spanning from Thursday to Monday.

Objectives and Targets

The Inside Sales Photo Booth Strategist will aim to convert leads to customers efficiently, shorten the sales cycle duration, and consistently meet various performance metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


The salary bracket for this role lies between $50,000 and $60,000 USD, with the potential to earn up to $100,000 including commission.


Ideal applicants should have experience in inbound and outbound sales, account management, and be familiar with sales CRMs like Hubspot. Proficiency in operating systems such as iOS, macOS, and Windows is required, along with an understanding of photography and entrepreneurship.

Perks and Benefits

Photobooth Supply Co. offers its employees a range of benefits, including health insurance, a 401K plan, educational allowances, and the flexibility of remote work. In addition to bonuses, the company also provides a generous PTO schedule, conducts quarterly financial overviews, and maintains a policy of open book management. An annual retreat and work-from-home stipend further enhance the job's appeal.

How to Apply

For those interested in applying for the Inside Sales Photo Booth Strategist position, applications can be submitted through the listed remote job portal. This opportunity is ideal for those seeking to combine their sales expertise with a passion for assisting entrepreneurs in the growing industry of photo booth businesses.

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Photobooth Supply Co.

Santa Ana, California



February 10, 2024


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