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Faire is enhancing local retail with tech, data, and machine learning, offering a wholesale marketplace to compete with giants like Walmart and Amazon.

About Faire

Faire is an innovative online wholesale marketplace that believes in the power of local retailers. With a community that outperforms Walmart and Amazon in revenue, Faire leverages technology, data, and machine learning to link entrepreneurs worldwide. The platform assists boutique owners in sourcing top products to feature in their stores, aiming to equalize opportunities for small businesses against larger competitors.

The Engineering Team

The engineering team is dedicated to providing a seamless user experience through stunning design and sound engineering practices. They emphasize security, maintainability, responsiveness, and performance in their software development. Embracing the practice of shipping MVPs and A/B testing, they deploy updates frequently and lean on data to inform iterations.

The Role: Staff Developer in the Retailer Growth Pillar

This pivotal role focuses on the front-end platform and tooling to drive retailer acquisition and engagement. A Staff Developer collaborates with product teams, designers, and marketing to foster retailer growth and works on projects that have significant business impacts.

Requirements & Responsibilities

Candidates must have 7+ years of experience and be adept in technologies like HTML, CSS, Typescript, and React. Responsibilities include collaboration for business success, optimizing web applications, and mentoring. Understanding web performance and adopting essential technologies are key aspects of the role.


Qualifications include proficiency in front-end languages and frameworks, experience with responsive design, a strong grasp of optimization techniques, and a bachelor's degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience.


The technology stack at Faire includes Typescript, JavaScript, React, Next.js, Jest, and, indicative of the company's commitment to modern web development practices.


The salary range for this position in Canada is $164,000 to $225,500 per year, with equity and benefits offered, and pay is based on experience and market conditions.

Company & Location

Faire is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is a frontrunner in supporting the growth and competitiveness of local and independent retailers in the global marketplace.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Software development


February 11, 2024


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