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Join Stord to revolutionize logistics with our Cloud Supply Chain platform, backed by top-tier investors and an expert tech team.

Stord's Mission in Revolutionizing Supply Chains

Stord aims to transform supply chains into a competitive advantage through its innovative Cloud Supply Chain solution. By integrating digital and physical logistics aspects into a unified platform, Stord provides businesses with world-class logistics capabilities such as warehousing, freight, and fulfillment.

Stord's cloud-based logistics services are used by leading B2B and B2C companies, including Body Armor, Advanced AutoParts, and Dollar General, allowing them to achieve superior supply chain performance with cloud-like speed, flexibility, and ease.

The Growth of Stord and Its Impact

Headquartered in Atlanta's tech hub, Stord's team comprises experienced professionals from industry giants like Amazon and Manhattan Associates. Stord has secured significant funding, amounting to over $325 million, and is valued at more than $1.3 billion.

The company's success invites professionals to join and contribute to further enhancing businesses' supply chain operations with the innovative Cloud Supply Chain.

Software Engineering Manager (Billing & Planning) at Stord

Stord is seeking a Software Engineering Manager with a servant leadership philosophy, extensive engineering experience, and a proven track record in team development and software product creation. The role involves overseeing two dedicated teams focused on Billing and Inventory Planning & Insights composed of 7 engineers.

The position demands collaboration with product and design teams, management of engineering metrics and KPIs, process improvement, recruitment, and career development within Stord's engineering team.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements

As a Software Engineering Manager, you'll manage agile processes, participate in software reviews, and drive continuous advancement within the engineering teams. You'll need over a decade of software development experience, experience managing high-quality product development teams, and strong communication skills. An aptitude for startups, analytical thinking, and successful team building are essential, with logistics or supply chain experience being a plus.

Stord's Culture and Benefits

Stord's culture is one of passion, innovation, and collaborative problem-solving in logistics and enterprise technology. The company offers continuous learning, a fast-paced environment, and a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace. Benefits include competitive compensation, 401(k), insurance options, mental health resources, and more, proving Stord's commitment to its employees' well-being and career growth.

The company strongly advocates for equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion across all aspects of its operations, supporting initiatives like Women of Stord and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion).

Joining Stord

Stord invites talented individuals who are eager to contribute to the next generation of logistics solutions. The role offers the chance to work with an intelligent and passionate team while providing a range of benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth within a dynamic and innovative company.

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Software development


February 11, 2024


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