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Join Aktos as a Full Stack Engineer to develop the Operating System for the $18B Credit Collections industry, working with a team of experts.

Company Mission of Aktos

Aktos, a seed-stage Vertical SaaS Fintech startup, is seeking a Full Stack Engineer to significantly contribute to the creation of an Operating System aimed at revolutionizing the $18B Credit Collections industry. Credit Collectors, who aid Consumers in settling debts and improving credit scores, play an essential but often overlooked role in the financial landscape. Aktos is dedicated to enhancing the credit recovery process and making it a more positive experience for everyone involved by addressing the unique workflows of Collectors through modern software solutions.

The Aktos Team

The founders of Aktos bring a rich background of experience from leading tech giants such as Zenefits, TikTok, Meta, LinkedIn, Google, Apple, Amazon, WeWork, and Flatiron Health. The team is composed of professionals adept at developing and scaling world-class software platforms, offering a unique opportunity for new team members to learn from the best in the industry.

Technical Stack at Aktos

  • Frontend: ReactJS, Redux, RTK Query
  • Backend: Django, DRF, Postgres
  • DevOps: Docker, Github Actions, Terraform, AWS

Responsibilities for the Role

Candidates are expected to work intimately with the CEO, CTO, and the engineering team, directly influencing product development with a hands-on approach on full stack features. They will have substantial end-to-end ownership and contribute to refining software development life cycle practices and continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines. Additionally, maintaining AWS infrastructure will be part of the responsibilities.

Who Aktos is Looking For

Aktos seeks a Full Stack Engineer who is not only comfortable with autonomy and responsibility but also possesses a strong work ethic, product intuition, and solid engineering fundamentals. Candidates should appreciate learning, asking questions, and be skilled at least in one core area, while being versed across the board.

Requirements for Applicants

A minimum of 5 years of software development experience is required, with a specific emphasis on Python, Django, and RDBMS technologies. Candidates should have in-depth knowledge of AWS and hands-on experience with front-end and back-end development, demonstrating a passion for creating high-quality code alongside a user-centric mindset.

Perks and Benefits at Aktos

Aktos offers a highly competitive salary, inclusive of stock options and bonuses, alongside a benefits package that covers medical, dental, and vision insurance. The company operates on a remote-first basis, highlighting its commitment to flexible working arrangements.

Company Details

Aktos is based in Argentina, Antioquia, Colombia. As a burgeoning Fintech company, Aktos is paving the way for innovative solutions in the financial services industry, particularly within the Credit Collections sector.

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Argentina, Antioquia, Colombia

Software development


February 12, 2024


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