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Join Mysten Labs for a pioneering research internship in blockchain technology. Help build the future of web3 with our world-class remote team!

Mysten Labs Research Internships Overview

Mysten Labs is on the forefront of establishing the Internet of Value by constructing vital infrastructure that promotes the widespread adoption of decentralized, blockchain-based protocols. Recognizing the intrinsic value of decentralized and open protocols, Mysten Labs is committed to fostering innovation that speeds up the integration of blockchain technologies into mainstream applications.

Opportunities for Research Interns

Research internships at Mysten Labs offer an invigorating setting for emerging research careers, providing opportunities to work alongside a cadre of industry leaders in science and engineering. Mysten Labs places a high emphasis on developing new scientific and technical advancements that address critical challenges pertaining to various layers of the technological stack. This includes innovations in networking, systems, cryptography, and consensus protocols.

Internship Search for Ph.D. Students

Mysten Labs is actively seeking Ph.D. students with profound research acumen and a genuine interest in blockchain technology. The internship is designed for individuals with a background in distributed and concurrent systems, cryptography, security, distributed computing, as well as incentives and mechanism design. Furthermore, research internships span across all fields of study and are accessible throughout the year, commencing in Fall 2024.

Roles and Responsibilities

Interns at Mysten Labs will engage in both applied and foundational research while collaborating closely with the engineering team to tackle complex technical research challenges. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to contribute significantly to academic journals and blog posts, amplifying the impact of their research.

Qualifications for Interns

Candidates should be enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Computer Science or a related technical field and should possess a solid grasp of the theoretical and practical elements of secure distributed systems and cryptography. Alongside a firm commitment to advancing Web3 technology, candidates need to have a background as skilled technical writers with experience in publishing in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

Remote Work and Hiring

Mysten Labs operates on a remote-first basis, hiring talented individuals globally. The team prides itself on creating a fertile ground for exponential growth as it endeavors to introduce the next billion users to the web3 space. Supported by a substantial $300M Series B funding from preeminent venture capital entities and strategic partners, Mysten Labs is poised to make a transformative impact on the future of web technology.

Company Name: Mysten Labs Location: USA (Remote), Europe (Remote)

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Mysten Labs

USA (Remote), Europe (Remote)

Software development


February 13, 2024


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