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Join Thrasher's team driving analytics marketing, optimizing ad spend & impacting millions globally. Seeking a leader with 5+ yrs of analytics experience.

Overview of Thrasher's Analytics Marketing Leadership Role

Thrasher is on a mission to make an impact, and this ambition requires talented individuals who embrace positivity, teamwork, and personal growth. The company values people who can put their egos aside to achieve excellence. As a member of the Thrasher team, one is granted the freedom to innovate and is supported even when facing failure, knowing it leads to growth. Thrasher's products, ranging from kitchen equipment to pillows, aim to enhance the lives of consumers worldwide.

The Head of Analytics Marketing Position

The Head of Analytics Marketing at Thrasher will spearhead the advancement of the platform that oversees advertising spend across various channels. This role involves applying analytics to refine marketing strategies and collaborating with multiple departments to ensure the success of advertising initiatives. A significant part of this position is to provide visionary leadership and share progress with executive stakeholders.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Optimizing marketing spend using analytics and collaborating with data science and engineering teams to scale solutions.
  • Utilizing statistical knowledge and technical programming skills to extract insights from large data sets.
  • Ensuring operational excellence by monitoring market dynamics and responding quickly to changes.
  • Communicating team goals and updates to C-level stakeholders.
  • Assembling and managing a team of high-performing analysts and strategically allocating responsibilities within the team.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Over five years of relevant analytics experience, preferably with Amazon's ad ecosystem and PPC advertising.
  • A track record of influencing senior executives with analytics, setting strategies, and achieving impactful outcomes.
  • Strong quantitative reasoning skills and an active approach to data analysis and KPI management.
  • Stellar communication and leadership abilities at the senior level.

Preferred Skills

Although not required, coding skills in SQL, Python, R, and other languages would be advantageous for the role.


Thrasher believes in fair and equitable pay. The projected base annual salary range for this job is $135,000 to $215,000, varying with skills, qualifications, experience, and business requirements. Exact compensation is determined for each individual within or sometimes beyond the specified range, based on various factors.

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February 13, 2024


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