Gevulot: Senior Systems Engineer (Rust)

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Join Gevulot as a Senior Software Engineer, working remotely on cutting-edge tech with a focus on Rust and distributed systems. Apply now to innovate with us!

Job Opportunity at Gevulot

Located in Finland, Gevulot is on the lookout for a talented, Senior Software Engineer to join their remote workforce. The ideal candidate will excel at turning ideas into efficient, maintainable code and have a solid grasp of distributed systems and Linux operations.

Role Requirements

The position requires a minimum of 2 years' experience in Rust, whether from official employment or personal projects. Candidates must be adept at learning complex systems, proactive problem-solving, and fluent in English.

Preferred Skills

Gevulot values experience in distributed systems, peer-to-peer networking, virtualization, unikernels, and a keenness for blockchain and cybersecurity. Familiarity with Linux, POSIX standards, file systems, and zero-knowledge cryptography also provides an edge.

Core Responsibilities

The engineer will work closely with the team to enhance existing features, understand Gevulot's infrastructure for continuous improvement, and contribute to engineering practices.

Benefits and Offers

Gevulot provides a competitive salary, the significance of responsibility from the outset, prospects for professional advancement, fewer meetings, flexible working hours with necessary time overlap with EET, and the chance to delve into Zero Knowledge infrastructure and blockchain industry experience.

Tech Stack

The company utilizes a tech stack that includes Linux on x86-64, Nanos unikernel, QEMU, gRPC over VSOCK, Rust, and Postgresql.

Learning Opportunities

For those seeking to understand more about Gevulot and the broader industry, resources are available at several online documentation and overview sites provided in the job listing, including details on Zero Knowledge (Zk) concepts and jargon.

Application Details

Interested software professionals can find the application portal on the We Work Remotely website, with the position offering an ideal opportunity for individuals seeking to work remotely on forward-thinking and emerging technologies.

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Software development


February 13, 2024


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