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Join the ARMS team at Anduril Industries to build next-gen rocket motors, ensuring quality and reliability in sourcing and procurement.

Anduril Rocket Motor Systems (ARMS) Team Overview

The ARMS team at Anduril Industries is dedicated to creating advanced solid rocket motors to enhance global safety and connectivity. With aspirations to be a prominent supplier for tactical rocket motors, they aim to deliver exceptional products and services that bolster the capabilities of their clientele. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of the ARMS brand.

Role Description and Responsibilities

The selected individual will be expected to manage procurement and sourcing activities, specifically for engineered components which encompass a variety of materials and outsourced items. Essential experience includes defense contract manufacturing and proficiency in utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for material demand planning.

Primary tasks encompass purchasing and inventory control of both direct and indirect materials, adhering to established inventory levels, coordinating with ERP system applications for demand accuracy. The role also involves active participation in production and program meetings, expediting orders, and managing supplier relations, including performance tracking, maintaining a supplier database, and managing vendor interactions.


Qualifications include a bachelor's degree with relevant experience or a high school diploma with extended experience in inventory, ERP, and MRO purchasing. A strong background in commodity-based contract manufacturing is favored, in addition to a history of complying with standard purchasing practices. Knowledge in inventory management for traceability and cost accuracy is crucial, along with competent presentation skills in the Microsoft Office suite.

Valued Attributes

Preferred additional qualifications consist of experience in defense contract manufacturing compliance with standards such as AS9100 QMS, competency in ITAR, familiarity with Federal Acquisition Regulations, and HazMat expertise.

Job Location and Benefits

The position allows for remote work with travel requirements of up to 25%. Anduril offers top-grade benefits, including complete coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance, parental leave, family planning support, meal provisions, commuting benefits based on location, relocation assistance, and unlimited time off with incentives.

About Anduril Industries

Located in McHenry, Mississippi, Anduril Industries is at the forefront of defense technology, revolutionizing traditional systems with innovative solutions. Their ARMS team exemplifies this mission with a focused drive to advance rocket motor technology.

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Anduril Industries

McHenry, Mississippi



February 14, 2024


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