LeadSimple, Inc.: Senior Product Manager

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Join our fast-paced team as a Product Manager focused on delivering high-impact solutions in the property management industry. Apply now to drive growth!

Introduction to LeadSimple

LeadSimple, established in Washington State, USA, has been a profitable and bootstrapped company since 2013, addressing significant challenges within the property management industry. They have constructed comprehensive products that aid property management businesses in scaling operations and enhancing customer relations.

Opportunity in Central and Latin America

The organization is seeking A-players from Central and Latin America to join their entrepreneurial team and contribute to their growth and success. Candidates are expected to bring innovative ideas to the forefront and help in implementing solutions efficiently.

The Role of Product Manager

The Product Manager at LeadSimple plays a vital role by leading the discovery and delivery of solutions, collaborating with design, engineering, and marketing teams to create impactful features. The role involves contributing to the product vision, facilitating product discovery, and aligning product development with company goals.

Qualifications for the Ideal Candidate

The perfect candidate is experienced in customer interviews, user story mapping, various frameworks and mental models (like Design Thinking and JTBD), systems thinking, prototyping, experimentation, and possesses strong data and technical skills. Excellent prioritization and risk assessment skills are crucial for success in this role.

First 90 Days Expectations

Within the first three months, the new Product Manager should fully understand the company's products, conduct customer interviews, and become an authority in their product area. The expectation is to lead product pitches and contribute significantly to the enhancement of the product area.

Company Perks

LeadSimple offers several benefits, including a Monthly Friday Free Day, company holidays, a paid time off policy, healthcare allowances, and a yearly vacation allocation. The team operates in a vibrant, thoughtful work environment valuing autonomy and mission-driven culture, promoting location independence within specific time zones.

Application Requirements

Prospective applicants are required to have a proactive approach, excellent communication skills, fast learning ability, a problem-solving mindset, and an optimistic attitude. Experience in SaaS platforms is preferable, and a Bachelor's Degree is also favored.

A-Player Profile

LeadSimple is intent on adding more A-players to their team, evaluating candidates through written assessments and multiple interviews to fill every position with the perfect match.

Company Culture and Vision

The organization's culture revolves around owning the outcome, supporting customers effectively, and the ability to remain resilient and decisive under pressure. The call for applicants is open-ended, highlighted by a poetic evocation of LeadSimple's commitment to collaboration and excellence.

How to Apply

Candidates who resonate with LeadSimple's mission and ethos are encouraged to apply through their website with the understanding that work location is flexible, so long as they are productive and reliable.

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Washington State, USA

Project Management


February 14, 2024


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