Senior Content Developer

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Join OffSec's diverse team as a Sr. Content Developer, creating cybersecurity training materials for a global audience. Apply today for a flexible, remote role!

About OffSec

Established in 2007, OffSec, the brainchild of Kali Linux's creators, has evolved into a premier entity for cybersecurity professional development. With a unique learning approach, OffSec emphasizes hands-on training to address the skills shortage in information security. The international makeup of the organization with team members across 40 countries, fosters a diverse and inspirational culture.

OffSec is a hub for globally-renowned IT professionals, sharing their expertise through various platforms, writing, conferences, and collaborations with both the private sector and governments. They are actively seeking individuals passionate about cybersecurity to join their mission.

About the Job Opportunity

OffSec is on the lookout for a Sr. Content Developer with a flair for innovation and results. This role involves crafting content for OffSec's educational platforms, including online libraries, courses, and certifications. The ideal candidate should be a self-starter with exceptional organizational skills and a creative mindset, capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create written and video-based content.
  • Develop virtual machines and practical labs.
  • Engage in technical reviews and presentations.
  • Collaborate with SMEs to repurpose content across various formats.
  • Optimize content structuring for a diverse audience.
  • Refresh existing learning materials regularly.
  • Produce content for promotional purposes.


  • Minimum 5 years in the Security industry.
  • Proficiency in Windows and Linux Servers.
  • Solid foundation in cybersecurity technologies and Active Directory.
  • Outstanding command of English and high-detail writing skills.
  • Ability to communicate with varied audiences.
  • Preference for experience in content development for curriculum.
  • Possess collaborative skills across cultures and time-zones.
  • Innovative thinker and independent worker.
  • Research expertise.
  • Highly desirable to hold OSCP or other OffSec Certifications.

Working Conditions

The Sr. Content Developer will join OffSec's team in a full-time, salaried position, enjoying the flexibility of remote work. The role allows for a work-from-anywhere arrangement, catering to an international workforce.

EEO Statement

OffSec is committed to equal employment opportunities, ensuring that all recruitment and employment acts are conducted without discriminating against race, color, religion, sex, and other protected characteristics. OffSec promotes a workplace that upholds equality in all employment-related activities.

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February 14, 2024


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