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Discover how Plaid is transforming financial technology by empowering developers with tools to innovate and improve user's financial well-being.

Plaid: Pioneering the Future of Financial Technology

Plaid is revolutionizing the way people manage their finances by building innovative tools that enable thousands of developers to create bespoke financial products. Renowned for enhancing the financial lives of millions, Plaid partners with prominent companies such as Venmo and SoFi, as well as numerous Fortune 500 firms and leading banks. The company’s extensive network spans 12,000 financial institutions across the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

Since its inception in 2013, Plaid has established itself as a pivotal player in fintech, with offices in major cities including San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C., London, and Amsterdam. Plaid's commitment to remote inclusivity is evident in its #LI-Remote initiative.

Enhancing Consumer Trust with Product Security

The core mission of Plaid's Product Security Team is to reinforce customer confidence by ensuring the secure development and delivery of products and services, minimizing risks, and averting security incidents.

Plaid's Product Security team spearheads the company's efforts in Application Security, Vulnerability Management, and Secure Coding Practices. It also executes Penetration Testing and oversees Cloud Security, maintaining the robustness of Plaid's consumer and developer products.

The Role of a Product Security Engineer

Product Security Engineers at Plaid are tasked with crafting secure products, enabling default security controls, and imparting vital best practices and security standards knowledge. These engineers implement security solutions, participate in security reviews, threat modeling, and secure architecture standards development, all while prioritizing rapid and satisfactory software development processes.

Key projects include the integration of security testing tools, enhancement of vulnerability management programs, and collaboration with teams to refine security strategies and standardization efforts.

Responsibilities of a Product Security Engineer

The role involves leading secure development initiatives, threat modeling, problem-solving alongside engineering teams, conducting security assessments, and instituting security programs. Further responsibilities include staying apprised of global security trends to shape technical decisions and scaling the security team's impact through mentorship.

Developing and conducting training in secure development practices is essential to ensuring the ongoing security of Plaid's products.

Qualifications for a Product Security Engineer

Prospective candidates should have extensive experience in product security control implementation, secure architecture development, and be adept in constructing developer-centric security solutions. Expertise in securing cloud services, effective communication skills, and proficiency with security testing tools are imperative. Familiarity with security frameworks like the OWASP top 10 and CWE top 25 is also expected.

Compensation and Commitment to Diversity

Plaid is dedicated to offering competitive salaries and benefits packages. The target base salary range is $215,300 to $322,900, supplemented by potential equity and commission based on the role. Plaid's comprehensive benefits include healthcare and a 401(k) plan. Compensation may vary due to factors such as job scope, experience, and location.

Plaid champions diversity and inclusivity, encouraging candidates from all backgrounds and experiences to apply, helping to foster an equitable financial ecosystem. The company is an equal opportunity employer, welcoming everyone irrespective of legally protected characteristics.

To ensure a fair recruitment process for candidates with disabilities, Plaid is committed to providing reasonable accommodations. To learn more about Plaid’s values and opportunities, visit their privacy notice page for candidates.

Company name: Plaid Location: United States

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February 15, 2024


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