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Join DEPT®, a digital-first global agency that innovates in tech and marketing, offering great benefits and an inclusive culture for talented people.

Overview of DEPT®

DEPT® is an agency that embodies the spirit of innovation, born digital with a significant presence in the tech and marketing space. Hiring individuals with a natural curiosity and drive, DEPT® provides an environment for continuous innovation and personal growth. With a team spread across 20+ countries, DEPT® ensures the availability of tools, global opportunities, and a supportive atmosphere that is both large enough to cope with the demands and small enough to care about individual contributions.

The Role of Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

The Senior Business Intelligence Engineer at DEPT® holds a crucial position in Decision Sciences, where they partner with internal stakeholders to deliver automated reporting solutions and contribute to the evolution of automation and reporting services. The role involves data integration from multiple sources, the development of SQL-based reporting tools, and data visualization tailored to client needs, as well as the innovation of anomaly detection systems using JavaScript. Candidates should be experts in data visualization, have advanced SQL skills, and have experience with various data storage and transfer tools.

Key Responsibilities

The Senior BI Engineer works with both internal and external parties to assess automation requirements, leads projects to enhance DEPT®’s processes, manages the implementation of data tools, and supports clients as a data visualization expert. Their role expands to nurturing trust with stakeholders, refining onboarding practices, and contributing to the company’s knowledge base.

Qualifications and Skills

Candidates are expected to have 2-3 years of relevant experience, a strong background in data visualization tools, custom SQL development, and experience with data extraction platforms. Excellent organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills are paramount, along with a strong desire and ability to innovate.

Benefits at DEPT®

DEPT® offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes healthcare, dental, vision, a 401k plan with matching, generous PTO, and parental leave. The fully supportive environment fosters company growth alongside personal development and also ensures a fun experience.

Commitment to Inclusion

As an equal opportunity employer, DEPT® values safety, freedom, and inclusivity in the workplace, ensuring a recruitment process and work environment that is free from barriers and discrimination. They also participate in E-Verify for employment authorization verification and engage in purpose-driven work as a B Corp-certified company.

About DEPT®

DEPT® is a leader in creating digital experiences, with over 2,500 digital specialists globally, serving renowned brands across various sectors. Transparency in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is integral to the company’s ethos, alongside a dedication to making positive global contributions. Prospective applicants can learn more about DEPT®’s work culture and commitments through their website and resources.

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Data analysis


February 16, 2024


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