Stealth B2B Email Service Provider startup: Technical Cofounder(s) for B2B Email Service Provider startup

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Join an innovative B2B email service provider startup as a Technical Co-founder. Leverage your development skills & shape a potentially lucrative business.

Executive Summary

An experienced SaaS professional is seeking one or two technical co-founders for a burgeoning B2B email service provider startup. This venture targets small businesses, solopreneurs, and startups, filling a niche in cold email outreach. The founder envisions a range of outcomes from a lifestyle business to a substantial sell-out based on realistic SaaS EV/Revenue multiples.

The company's approach is customer-centric and aims to bootstrap, maintaining equity and independence, avoiding institutional funding but remaining open to friends and family investment. The founder places significant emphasis on character, seeking co-founders who align with values of kindness, fairness, and transparency, and who also possess business acumen.

About the Founder

With over 10 years of B2B SaaS experience, especially as an early-stage contributor with a successful exit, the founder is passionate about creating high-quality work with a balance between professional and personal identity. The founder values being a decent, kind human above all.

The Opportunity

The startup aims to capture a unique segment of the email service market by focusing on B2B cold emails. With a substantial market opportunity and little direct competition, the founder has already laid out a detailed vision, an MVP feature set, and a pathway for customer-driven product development. A clear strategy is in place to scale profitably while remaining responsive to customer needs, without relying on institutional investors.

Technical Co-founder Role

The technical co-founder will be in charge of developing and maintaining the email infrastructure and user-facing web application—from initial mockups to full-scale production. Responsibilities will include establishing and supporting email hosting, sending, receiving infrastructure, and crafting responsive, powerful user interfaces, all while leading technical strategy for the startup.

Key qualifications include proven software development experience, previous work with email infrastructure at scale, and a history of building B2B SaaS products. The ability to work on high-volume email sync and storage, and navigate complex API architectures, is also essential.

Values and Work Ethic

The right candidate will demonstrate a blend of technical expertise, independent work ethic, and impeccable character. Key values include empathy, patience, and the ability to handle startup challenges gracefully. The founder is less concerned with location and work habits, prioritizing results and cooperation over traditional metrics.

Benefits and Compensation

Joining early in the startup's life grants significant equity and the potential for substantial impact. Compensation will initially be equity-based, with the anticipation of both role and financial remuneration evolving as the business grows. There is an opportunity for the technical co-founder to achieve time and location freedom, alongside achieving meaningful work.

Interested candidates are invited to apply through the provided remote job application link.

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B2B email service provider startup


Software development


February 16, 2024


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