Swarm Foundation: Senior GO Developer (Blockchain)

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Join the Swarm Foundation as a Senior Go Developer for blockchain! Work on p2p networks, contribute to open source, and enjoy remote, flexible hours.

About the Role at Swarm Foundation

As a key member of the Swarm Foundation, you'll drive architectural decisions for our peer-to-peer distributed network. You'll contribute to the development of the Swarm's reference implementation in Go, often referred to as 'Bee'. Your responsibilities will include carving out the incentive layer of the Swarm, fine-tuning code to ensure adherence to specifications, and delivering thoroughly tested software. In addition to your development duties, you will also perform in-depth code reviews for your peers.

Ideal Candidate Profile

We're looking for individuals with a strong understanding of blockchain technology and application design. If you're proficient with go-ethereum, comfortable working in a fully remote capacity, available during CET hours, able to manage time effectively, proactive, well-versed in the SOLID principles without needing a Google refresher, and possess excellent English communication skills, you might be our ideal candidate. A deep understanding of distributed systems and experience with libp2p are also crucial for this role.

Desired Additional Skills

Candidates who also have knowledge of Solidity, a history of contributing passionately to open-source projects, an understanding of cryptographic concepts, or familiarity with Kubernetes, Grafana, Jaeger, and OpenTracing will stand out. Such additional skills are highly valued at the Swarm Foundation.

What We Offer

The Swarm Foundation presents an exceptional work environment characterized by openness, flat hierarchy, and transparency. Our 100% remote-friendly workplace offers flexible working hours, valuing the work-life balance of our team. We take pride in caring for our Swarm with incentives such as BZZ tokens.

Application Process

If this role has piqued your interest, you're encouraged to submit your CV and GitHub repository link to talent@ethswarm.org. For more details and to apply, visit our listing on We Work Remotely through the provided URL.

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Swarm Foundation


Software development


February 16, 2024


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