Vicoland: Talented Backend Developer (m/f/d)

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Join Vicoland as a developer and revolutionize the professional services market with our digital platform enabling freelancers to form 'Vicos'.

About Vicoland

Vicoland is pioneering a transformation in the professional services market worth two trillion, infusing the gig economy with a new concept called 'Vicos' - Virtual Companies. These Vicos empower freelancers to collaborate seamlessly and compete for large-scale projects as if they were a physical company. The digital platform Vicoland offers underpins this by providing necessary legal, organizational, and technological support to facilitate smooth interactions between Vicos and clients. Already in motion with major Fortune 500 firms and numerous smaller entities, Vicoland's technology is endorsed by prominent partners and research institutes.

Join Our Team

We seek a stellar developer to assist in perfecting our platform and speeding up our growth. A candidate with a history of significant impact in software development and high productivity is ideal. We value the ability to assess issues rapidly and resolve them effectively and the acumen to stay ahead of innovations, particularly in the realm of AI tools.

Job Responsibilities

The selected individual will be tasked with devising advanced software solutions, collaborating with product managers and UX designers to form optimal outcomes, and crafting and maintaining high-quality web applications. Familiarity with PHP and Angular is required for backend and potential full-stack developers, respectively. Encouraging the use of AI tools to augment coding efficiency is also a key aspect of the role, alongside maintaining currency with trends and technology updates in PHP and Angular development.


Prospective candidates should demonstrate strong problem-solving capabilities, architectural creativity, and maintenance etiquette in coding. Effective communication and the ability to work cooperatively are also essential. Extensive experience in PHP, comprehension of object-oriented programming, proficiency in PHP frameworks, knowledge of relational databases, and familiarity with version control systems are prerequisites for the role.

Location Preferences and Restrictions

The position is open to candidates from Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, with explicit exclusions for individuals from North/South America or East Asia due to timezone-related operational challenges.

Benefits of Joining Vicoland

Employees at Vicoland stand to become distinguished figures in technological evolution, integrated into a progressive development team that emphasizes innovation. The role promises flexible working arrangements, professional growth opportunities, engagement in a culturally rich and fast-paced setting, and competitive compensation, including company shares. Although we have a definitive skills requirement list, we encourage those who excel in learning and who possess the requisite mindset but may be lacking in certain technical areas to apply.

To submit an application for this transformative opportunity as a backend developer with Vicoland, please visit the provided link to We Work Remotely.

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Europe, North Africa, West Asia

Software development


February 17, 2024


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