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Join our global team as a Marketing Copywriter! With a €55,000 annual salary, work remotely, create impactful content and enjoy extensive benefits.

Exciting Opportunity for an Experienced Marketing Copywriter

Our company is in search of a talented and experienced Marketing Copywriter to join our global team of over 100 individuals working from more than 40 countries. With a competitive salary of €55,000 annually, this role offers the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, provided you are located between UTC-1 and UTC+8:00.

About the Team

Our company culture celebrates autonomy and the balance of work and life. We value the trust we place in our team members who have the freedom to work locally, whether that's in a city like London or a serene village near Florence. Our global team meets up every few months to spend quality time and build stronger bonds.

The Role of Marketing Copywriter

As a Marketing Copywriter, you'll play a crucial role in our company by contributing to our primary growth channel—content. Your tasks will include writing search-optimized copy, managing updates and optimizations for SEO, and creating engaging content for both product landing pages and long-form articles. You will also handle external contributions, ensuring they meet our brand's standards.

Main Responsibilities

  • Creating impactful, product-led, and SEO-optimized content for various digital platforms.
  • Constructing marketing materials such as emails, social media posts, and visual ads.
  • Growing and engaging our community through robust social media strategies.

About You

If you have at least 4 years of copywriting experience, a knack for digital marketing copy, on-page SEO expertise, and an editorial mindset, you might be the perfect fit for this role. We are looking for someone with a strong command of the English language, a creative approach to our brand's quirky and bold tone, and the ability to manage freelancers or guest contributors effectively.


Our company offers a range of benefits designed to support the personal and professional development of our team members. This includes generous paid time off, flexible working hours, annual in-person meetups, a paid sabbatical, and a comprehensive budget for home office setup, co-working spaces, training, and health and wellness.

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Our company

Remote (UTC-1 to UTC+8:00)



February 18, 2024


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