Staff Data Scientist, Core Experience Analytics

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Join Reddit's mission to foster community, belonging & empowerment as a Staff Data Scientist for the Core Experience team. Remote-friendly role in the US.

Overview of Reddit's Staff Data Scientist Role

Reddit is renowned for being a vast network of vibrant communities where its 70 million daily active users can explore a universe of topics that resonate with their personal interests and passions. Charged with a mission to promote community, belonging, and empowerment on a global scale, Reddit stands as the epicenter of genuine dialogue on the web. In order to continue elevating the user experience across their platform, they are eager to onboard a talented Staff Data Scientist to join their Core Experience team.

Role and Responsibilities

As an integral part of the Core Experience team, the Staff Data Scientist will delve deep into understanding how content is consumed and interacted with on the platform, focusing on Reddit's primary engagement and discovery features. This individual will be pivotal in deriving meaningful insights and partnering with product and engineering groups to infuse these insights into product innovations. With a crucial role in multiple phases of the product development cycle ranging from strategy formulation to execution and evaluation, the Staff Data Scientist will also collaborate with various data science subteams, aligning project goals with Reddit's broader company direction.

The responsibilities include shaping a long-term product vision for feeds and post detail pages, fabricating and tracking key performance indicators, constructing self-service analytical tools, influencing product roadmaps through actionable data findings, designing and analyzing product feature testing, and orchestrating cross-functional initiatives. Moreover, the candidate will scale their impact by mentoring junior data scientists and honing the team's processes and analytical acumen.

Qualifications and Experience

To qualify for this pivotal role, candidates must possess at least six years of relevant experience in data science or product analytics. Proficiency in SQL and familiarity with statistical analysis and programming languages like R or Python is necessary. Ideal candidates will exhibit a strong focus on customer and business needs, be self-directed and energized by solving complex problems, and have the ability to effectively communicate with diverse audiences.

Benefits and Pay Transparency

Reddit offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health coverage, 401(k) matching, resources to support personal and professional development, flexible vacation policies, and a commitment to creating a supportive work environment. For U.S.-based employees, this extends to an assortment of insurance options, family planning support, and substantial parental leave. Reddit maintains transparency in compensation by sharing base salary ranges and noting that actual pay will be determined by factors like expertise, experience, and qualifications.

The role's base salary range is between $198,200 and $297,300 USD, plus potential equity in the form of restricted stock units and other variable incentives, depending upon the specific position awarded.

Remote-Friendly Work Culture

Reddit has embraced a remote-friendly work culture that is designed to persist post-pandemic. This forward-thinking approach allows the company to source excellence from a wider talent pool across the U.S., thereby fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce and providing employees with greater flexibility in their personal work environments.

For more details on the role and benefits, interested individuals are encouraged to visit Reddit's official career page at

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Data science


February 19, 2024


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