Senior Data Scientist – Marketing

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Join Mercury as a Marketing Data Scientist, applying your expertise in data-driven decision-making, analytics, and marketing strategies for global customer engagement.

An Overview of Mercury's Marketing Data Scientist Role

In the mid-19th century, pioneers Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace created what could be considered as the earliest computing system—the Analytics Engine. Their work revealed the potential of numbers to represent various entities, not just quantity, thereby establishing the fundamentals of general-purpose computing. This historical backdrop serves as an inspiration for Mercury's current search for proficient Data Scientists to advance its analytics engine.

The Role: Marketing Data Scientist at Mercury

As a Marketing Data Scientist with Mercury, the successful candidate will engage in collaboration with senior Marketing staff and various marketing teams such as Performance, Brand, Product, and Lifecycle Marketing. The goal is to attract, engage, and convert customers internationally. The role promises a comprehensive skill development as a full-stack Data Scientist and offers a chance to gain in-depth knowledge at the juncture of Data Science and Marketing. The candidate will also play a crucial part in devising Mercury's marketing measurement tactics aligning with overarching company objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Partnering with marketing teams and cross-functional colleagues to pinpoint vital business queries, executing in-depth analyses, and delivering findings with actionable insights.
  • Collaborating with Data Scientists and Engineers to refine marketing measurement systems.
  • Working alongside the finance department on computations involving LTV (Lifetime Value) and ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Developing and utilizing marketing measurement techniques such as A/B Testing, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), and Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) to gauge marketing program's effectiveness.
  • Creating and executing machine learning and statistical models like Customer Lifetime Value, Lead Scoring, and Segmentation.
  • Influencing and collaborating with various teams to implement suggestions based on data analysis to better support entrepreneurs and generate revenue.

Candidate Qualifications and Benefits

Ideal applicants should possess over five years of relevant experience, be well-versed in SQL, statistical programming languages like Python or R, and be familiar with marketing measurement tools. They should be capable of establishing efficient data pipelines, crafting dashboards, and understanding various database frameworks. Organizational and communication skills are paramount as the role entails handling multiple projects catering to different stakeholders.

Mercury provides a highly competitive total rewards package, including base pay, stock options, and other benefits. Salaries for US-based employees range from $203,100 to $238,900 USD, while Canadian employees have salary ranges from CAD 184,800 to CAD 217,400. Hiring offers are dependent on the candidate's expertise, geographic location, and internal pay equity.

Note that Mercury operates in the financial technology domain and employs banking services through choice partnerships with FDIC member financial institutions.

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United States or Canada

Data science


February 20, 2024


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