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Join Streamable's mission to transform video hosting with a role tailored for passionate Full Stack Engineers eager to innovate.

Introduction to Streamable

Streamable is revolutionizing the video hosting industry, focused on delivering a fast and user-friendly platform for creators, freelancers, and businesses to manage and share videos. The platform prides itself on simplicity, speed, and accessibility, aiming to challenge traditional video hosts by offering an easier and more economical solution for video distribution to diverse audiences.

Company Profile

With more than 50 million users across 122 countries, Streamable demonstrates strong market presence underpinned by growing revenue and organic traffic. The company leverages opportunities in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for video hosting advancements, notwithstanding its compact team size, which amplifies the significance of each member's contribution.

Job Opportunity: Senior Full Stack Engineer

Streamable is on the lookout for a Senior Full Stack Engineer with expertise in NodeJS, ReactJS, Javascript/Typescript, and CSS. The role entails comprehensive responsibilities including development, deployment, and scaling of the codebase, to serve an engaged and growing user base. The incumbent is expected to lead technical discussions, contribute to architecture, and implement features that underline high-quality coding standards and a customer-centric approach.

Candidate Profile

Prospective candidates should exhibit exceptional skills in Javascript or Typescript and have experience with full-stack development utilizing React and Node. A successful applicant must also demonstrate experience in crafting smooth user interfaces and a commitment to producing clean, well-tested code. A strong grasp of various software development methodologies and their application to deliver value is pivotal.

Desirable Skills

Having experience with Python, video technology tools like FFMPEG or GStreamer, and infrastructure tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, or Terraform would be advantageous, although not mandatory.

About the Company Location

Streamable positions itself as a leading platform for video hosting solutions, though the company location is not specified in the text. Enthusiastic individuals seeking an environment where innovation and collaboration are valued may find Streamable to be an ideal workplace to make a significant impact.

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Software development


February 20, 2024


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