Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

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Join Gremlin as a Senior Frontend Software Engineer leading the charge in Chaos Engineering for a more reliable Internet. Shape the future of SaaS applications.

About Gremlin and Its Mission

Gremlin's mission encompasses a commitment to enhancing the dependability of the internet through innovative approaches in Chaos Engineering. Embracing this mission, Gremlin empowers renowned enterprises, including Target, Twilio, and JP Morgan Chase, which rely on the unwavering uptime of their intricate SaaS applications. The Gremlin platform reveals vulnerabilities and risks that traditional IT and DevOps practices overlook, offering a trailblazing solution for those passionate about pioneering technological frontiers.

The Role: Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

The Senior Software Engineer position at Gremlin presents an exceptional opportunity to influence the internet's stability by crafting advanced Reliability Engineering tools. This role entails utilizing extensive engineering expertise to significantly affect product development and tackle intricate technical challenges of diverse customers from Fortune 500 companies to smaller firms.

Key Responsibilities

As a vital team member, you will collaborate with engineers, designers, product managers, and other stakeholders to forge the newest Chaos Engineering tools. You’ll use strong communication skills to craft new features, align with design teams to meet customer needs, offer technical solutions for business problems, mentor team members, and actively enhance the customer experience.

Professional Expectations

Gremlin anticipates that candidates exhibit self-motivation, problem-solving expertise, exceptional communication abilities, and possess over five years of Frontend engineering experience with a plethora of modern technologies. Knowledge in infrastructure, systems technologies, Java development, agile environments, as well as a commitment to testing, CI/CD, and practice excellence are essential. Additionally, an ability to navigate ambiguous issues and deliver concrete outcomes is crucial.

Desired Bonus Experience

Candidates with additional experience in cloud technologies and active participation in incident management will be favorably regarded.

Benefits and Gremlin Culture

Gremlin offers a compelling employee benefits package that includes competitive salaries, 401k match, stock options, generous PTO, and comprehensive health insurance. The team, both veterans, and learners, underline the importance of people, collaboration, and results. Diversity is cherished, and Gremlin’s remote work culture endorses a team-centric, result-driven approach that encourages innovation and experimentation.

Invitation to Candidates

Gremlin extends an invitation to individuals from all backgrounds to apply for this exciting role, reassuring that every team member is valued and has the opportunity to contribute significantly towards creating a more resilient internet.

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Software development


February 20, 2024


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