Wordwall: Senior Full-Stack .NET developer

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Join Wordwall as a Senior Full-Stack Developer with a flair for JScript & C#, dedicated to creating educational games. UK-based, remote & flexible, with great benefits.

Company Overview

Wordwall represents an innovative platform that empowers teachers to create interactive educational games and worksheets effortlessly. Rationalizing the traditional method of educational resource acquisition, Wordwall enables instructors to craft custom activities that drive engagement and learning. Through its automated design process, educators input classroom-specific content, translating into a plethora of template-based educational tools.

Join Our Team

Wordwall is on the hunt for a senior developer with a passion for full-stack development, complemented by excellent JScript and C# abilities. We value unique contributions, whether it be in test writing or game design. At Wordwall, we are committed to shaking up the paid educational content market by democratizing resource creation and sharing among teachers.

Our Mission

Supporting teachers worldwide, our platform disrupts the traditional publisher-centric model and propels the teacher-made content movement. We strive for comprehensive, customizable educational content that's freely available, bolstering our robust online community.

Global Team & Vision

Though our team may be small, our aspirations are grand. Spanning the globe, we embody a remote-first work culture built on flexibility and inclusivity. As stewards of games-based learning, we envision widespread accessibility and prolonged engagement, with an eye on sustained growth and partnership with our employees.

Our Tech Stack

Wordwall utilizes a cutting-edge tech array, including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, C#, Canvas API, WebAudio API, ASP.NET MVC, MS-SQL, Azure, Selenium, and TeamCity CD, to deliver an unparalleled experience to our users—currently, a staggering 35 million per month.

Employment Equity

We advocate for equal opportunities and embrace flexible working arrangements, whether full or part-time. Our dedication to fair employment practices extends to eschewing third-party agencies in favor of genuine applicant interactions.

Position Requirements

Candidates for the senior developer role at Wordwall must exhibit outstanding C# and Javascript expertise, underpinned by a minimum of 3 years within a collaborative software development team. Self-organisation and the ability to stay motivated in a remote setting are crucial.

Employee Benefits

Wordwall not only offers a competitive salary ranging from £45-55k but also includes a generous 30 days of holiday per year. With our commitment to 100% remote and flexible working, we ensure a balance between professional commitments and personal well-being.

How to Apply

We invite applications from talented individuals eager to contribute to the educational technology landscape. To become a part of our mission-driven team, please apply through the designated portal provided.

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Software development


February 20, 2024


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