Umbrella Scents: Influencer Marketing Specialist

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Join Umbrella Scents as an influencer marketing specialist. Help grow our perfume brands through strategic partnerships and social media networking.

About Umbrella Scents

Umbrella Scents is a Canadian holding company that operates a series of direct-to-consumer brands in the fragrance and beauty industry. Their portfolio currently includes three brands that have established themselves as innovators in creating quality scents. The company places high importance on innovation, sustainability, and creativity, with a commitment to delivering outstanding products. The brands under Umbrella Scents have achieved significant recognition, with over 25 million views on TikTok.

Job Opportunity - Influencer Marketing Specialist

Umbrella Scents seeks to hire an influencer marketing specialist who will be instrumental in supporting the marketing team. This role involves working closely with one of the company's founders and entails tasks such as creating seeding lists, identifying and pitching influencer partnerships, engaging with content creators across social platforms, and maintaining key relationships to promote the company's brands and products.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating seeding lists for campaign launches and maintaining marketing networks.
  • Researching and identifying influencer partnerships aligned with the brands.
  • Engaging with creators to establish and nurture professional relationships.
  • Coordinating with the fulfillment team to ensure product dispatch to influencers.
  • Tracking user-generated content and reporting to the marketing team.
  • Performing additional duties as needed.

Requirements for the Role

  • The ability to work independently in a fully remote environment.
  • Familiarity with tools such as and Slack.
  • Proficiency in Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Strong prioritization and productivity skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A collaborative team player with a goal to elevate the team.

Role Details

This position is a full-time role, requiring 40 hours per week, and the specialist would work according to North American Eastern and Pacific Time zones.

Application Process

To apply for the role of influencer marketing specialist at Umbrella Scents, candidates are directed to submit their application through the provided URL (

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Umbrella Scents

North American Eastern and Pacific Time zones



February 21, 2024


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