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Join our tech team to create software that keeps kids safe online. Be part of a fast-growing, global company with a meaningful mission.

Company Overview

Are you passionate about developing technology with a significant purpose and collaborating with individuals who genuinely care? Consider joining our ambitious tech company that prides itself on safeguarding children's digital experiences. We are a quickly expanding, ASX-listed organization with a workforce of over 500 people spread across various locations including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Europe (UK and Spain), and the US. Being part of our team means contributing to a mission that is yet to reach its full potential, as we continue to strive for greater heights in making a difference.

Job Opportunity: Technical Writer

If you have a knack for documenting technology and wish to influence a global audience, the role of Technical Writer within our Knowledge Team could be your next career move. You will be integral to producing high-quality technical documentation by collaborating with experts and ensuring the clarity of our products' capabilities and usage throughout their lifecycle. A significant aspect of this job involves syncing with our UK team to craft user-friendly help content, while also engaging with design processes and knowledge sharing practices. Autonomous work style, continuous self-improvement, and a dedication to mastering the tools and products form the core of this position.

Responsibilities and Collaboration

Responsibilities as a Technical Writer encompass engaging with subject matter experts to create comprehensive product documentation for both internal and external users. This includes refining user interface texts such as tooltips and error messages, as well as collaborating with product and design teams to devise interactive walkthroughs and tutorials. Your vigilant eye will identify any gaps in current documentation that need to be addressed.

What We Look for in a Candidate

Candidates should bring prior experience as a technical writer within a software development context, showcasing the ability to demystify complex technical information into simple, customer-friendly language. We expect proficiency in HTML, Markdown, and Adobe suite, along with a portfolio demonstrating these capabilities. An ideal applicant effectively juggles multiple projects, maintaining timely delivery of content.

Why Choose Smoothwall by Qoria?

Opting for a career with us means more than just a job; it represents an opportunity to craft tech for a commendable cause – the online safety of children. Our employees are rewarded with stock options, generous leave policies, a tech allowance, and other benefits. Working with us means joining a team of experts who are not only dedicated to producing high-quality documentation but are also devoted to mutual support and continuous improvement. This role offers the variety and freedom associated with varied tasks, the opportunity to own your professional growth, and the chance to make a substantial impact on our products and the welfare of children online.

You'll be surrounded by a team that values ownership, offers a hand whenever needed, and cherishes the work they do. As you embrace this role, you'll find that your daily tasks, collaboration with colleagues on new initiatives, and the nurturing of your craft are all part of a rewarding journey that you will lead and love.

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Smoothwall by Qoria

Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Europe (UK and Spain), and the US

Web content writing


February 21, 2024


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