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Seeking a dedicated Business Development Advisor for Honor Home Care in SF Bay Area. Must have sales experience and drive for building healthcare partnerships.

Job Summary for Business Development Advisor at Honor Home Care

The Business Development Advisor at Honor Home Care in the San Francisco Bay Area carries the vital responsibility of establishing and nurturing robust relationships with local healthcare entities to increase client referrals for in-home care services. This individual aims to meet growth targets by actively engaging with hospitals, medical facilities, and health care partners within the care continuum.

Key Responsibilities

As a Business Development Advisor, the role requires consistent market engagement, predominantly spending four days per week in the field and one day at the office. A critical part of the position involves diligently tracking sales activities in Salesforce, effectively communicating service offerings to potential referral partners through both personal interactions and group presentations, and developing sustainable professional bonds with important stakeholders like discharge planners and social workers. The ultimate goal is to drive new business and adhere to the company’s prescribed policies and ethical standards.

Qualifications and Skills

The ideal candidate would bring a wealth of experience, including a minimum of 10 years in outside sales, and at least 2 years of exposure to the healthcare industry. The role demands a proven capability to achieve sales objectives, paired with exceptional selling, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Being detail-oriented and having a welcoming and respectful demeanor are essential traits, as is the experience with CRM systems, particularly Salesforce. A successful advisor needs to be independent yet team-oriented, results-focused, metric-savvy, innovative, and customer-centric, all of which contribute to delivering a top-tier product and service.

About the Company

Honor Home Care, based in San Mateo, California, is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality in-home care services. The company is seeking a competent and energetic professional to join their team and contribute to building something truly extraordinary.

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Honor Home Care

San Francisco Bay Area



February 22, 2024


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