Awesomic: Sales Development Representative (SDR)

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Join Awesomic, a fast-growing startup connecting professional designers with businesses. Be a part of an innovative and supportive community!

Awesomic: Revolutionizing Professional Design Matches

Awesomic is a cutting-edge app that pairs expert designers with companies around the globe. Launched in 2020, it has rapidly expanded to a team of over 80 serving more than 1500 customers. With $2 million in investment backing, including from Y Combinator, Awesomic has accomplished over 10000 tasks with a robust matching algorithm that streamlines processes for their clients.

Opportunity for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

As an SDR for Awesomic, expect to dive into a fast-paced startup culture. You'll be part of the Growth department, participating in 1-week sprints alongside Sales and Customer Success teams. Your role is pivotal in creating new business avenues, from strategizing with the lead generation team to qualifying and managing leads across various platforms.

Role Expectations and Qualifications

The role involves a wide range of responsibilities, including launching and managing outreach campaigns, enhancing sales funnels, and leveraging sales data for strategic decisions. Ideal candidates should possess at least three years of B2B IT sales experience, fluent English, strong communication skills, and proficiency in Hubspot CRM. A data-driven mindset with creativity and leadership capabilities is essential, with a requirement to work within the San Francisco timezone.

Culture and Benefits at Awesomic

Awesomic boasts a community culture centered around passion and support, fostering a productive and enjoyable work environment. Team members can expect various benefits like a mental health support program, hardware provisions, unlimited vacation days, educational coverage, health insurance, and flexible working arrangements, including fully remote options. As a part of the team, you'll have the chance to contribute to the company's evolution and work on stimulating projects with top-tier clients.

Applying to Awesomic

If the prospect of working with a vibrant, art-driven team excites you, and you're ready to embark on a path of professional growth and innovation, Awesomic invites you to apply. Embark on a journey to redefine the intersection of business and design and be part of a company that values your voice.

To seize this opportunity and join the Awesomic team as an SDR, apply through the specified remote job listing.

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San Francisco



February 22, 2024


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