Figure 53: Senior Web and Internal Tools Developer

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Join Figure 53 as a Senior Web & Internal Tools Developer to enhance our web infrastructure and support tools. Remote position with competitive salary and benefits.

Overview of Figure 53's Career Opportunity

Figure 53, a software company situated in Baltimore, MD, is actively seeking a talented Senior Web and Internal Tools Developer. As a prospective employee, one will focus on numerous technological fronts including the company's website, store, backend licensing systems, and internal customer support tools. This role demands a comprehensive blend of backend and frontend development expertise, enabling the candidate to lead design and implementation efforts. Through collaborative teamwork, the developer will engage in the advancement of the company's flagship product, QLab, though the primary responsibilities will not revolve around it directly.

Technical Skill Set Required

The ideal candidate should possess a wide array of technical skills, particularly production experience with Ruby on Rails, frontend JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Go, SQL (Postgres), iOS/macOS development, Linux web server maintenance, and Docker. Additionally, bonus technical qualifications include visual/interaction design capabilities and experience in internet security.

Personal Competencies and Job Requirements

Soft skills are as crucial as technical prowess. The role demands self-motivation, excellent communication, and a strong inclination towards collaborative development. As Figure 53 values a decentralized and egalitarian business structure, an ability to partake in company-wide decisions and a continuous learning attitude are essential.

Compensation and Inclusivity

The company offers a competitive base salary of $150,000 for full-time senior positions, along with various benefits such as profit-sharing post-one year, comprehensive health insurance, paid vacations, retirement plans, and the privilege of remote work. Figure 53 prides itself on cultural diversity and inclusivity, inviting applicants from underrepresented groups in the tech sector.

Application Process

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by sending an email directly to with their resume and cover letter attached. They may also learn more about the company's culture and HR policies by visiting their official handbook.

The position is available immediately and will remain open until filled. For more information or to apply, visit the provided web link for the job listing.

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Figure 53

Baltimore, MD

Software development


February 23, 2024


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