Affiliate and Partnerships Marketing Manager

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Join Rocket Lawyer as an Affiliate & Partnerships Marketing Manager to grow our affiliate program and drive success in the legal tech industry.

About Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer, founded in 2008, has become the world's most utilized legal service platform, assisting over 30 million people in creating more than 50 million legal documents and answering legal queries. The company has an international presence with offices spanning North America, South America, and Europe. With a mission to provide affordable and simple legal services for everyone, Rocket Lawyer is now preparing for unprecedented growth and is expanding its team to reach a global audience.

About the Role

The opportunity at Rocket Lawyer is for an Affiliate and Partnerships Marketing Manager with the aim to enhance, build, and grow their existing affiliate program. The role involves developing a multi-year strategic roadmap, strengthening relationships with partners, efficiently managing budgets, and aligning affiliate campaigns with marketing efforts. The role requires collaboration across departments, driving profitable revenue growth, and utilizing data for decision making. The candidate should have a minimum of 7 years in marketing, including 3-5 years managing an affiliate program, preferably in a SaaS environment.

Key Objectives and Responsibilities

The new team member will be expected to create sustainable growth strategies for the affiliate program, onboarding partners that align with the company's values and optimize the program for efficiency and scalability. The role demands close collaboration with the creative team, rigorous performance analysis, and proactive adaptation to trends in the affiliate and influencer marketing landscapes. Setting high standards to maintain Rocket Lawyer's competitive edge in the legal tech industry is essential.

Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will bring a track record of success in affiliate management and business development, with a strong foundation in data-driven marketing and project management. Required skills include proficiency in marketing KPIs, Google Sheets or Excel, outstanding communication abilities, and the capacity to work independently in a dynamic setting. Understanding of performance metrics like CPA, CPL, CPC, LTV, and ROAS is also crucial.

Benefits & Perks

Rocket Lawyer offers a comprehensive benefits package, including annual salary reviews, generous paid time off, bonuses, and vouchers for public transportation and daycare. Employees also receive life insurance, meal/food vouchers, private health insurance, and a complimentary Rocket Lawyer account for legal services. The salary range for this role in Brazil is R$234,000 - R$286,000 a year.

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February 24, 2024


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