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Join Close as Head of Content, leading content strategy and production for a dynamic 100% remote team. Elevate B2B SaaS content to drive growth.

About Close

Close is a fully remote, bootstrapped, and profitable company with around 90 employees. Since its inception in 2013, the team has been devoted to creating a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that enhances communication and productivity for startups and small businesses. Close's CRM is designed with the aim of eliminating manual data entry and simplifying user interfaces, resulting in a product that users love. The company has a culture that cherishes autonomy and impact.

The Role: Head of Content

The Head of Content at Close is a key player in shaping and executing the company’s content strategy. This role involves crafting a variety of high-quality content across different stages of the sales funnel. The ideal candidate is someone located in the United States with at least 5 years of B2B SaaS content marketing experience and 2 years in a leadership role. They should possess strong writing, editing, and SEO skills, and have a proven track record in content production and management using platforms like WordPress, Ghost, or Webflow.


As the Head of Content, you will own and define the content strategy at Close, focusing on brand awareness and conversion. Your tasks will include overseeing the development of diverse content formats like ebooks, blogs, emails, and social posts. You will need to stay on top of SEO trends, ensuring that all content is optimized to increase organic traffic. Leading a team of writers and SEO specialists, you will mentor them to produce consistently high-quality work, while also managing a thematic and editorial content calendar. You'll ensure that the company's tone and voice are maintained across all created content.

Application Process

Candidates interested in becoming Close's Head of Content and who meet the job requirements are encouraged to apply by visiting the provided link to We Work Remotely's job page.

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United States

Web content writing


February 24, 2024


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