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Join Vonage as a Senior Product Manager for Numbers. Drive innovation in the CPaaS market and provide essential services for global clients.

Introduction to Vonage's Senior Product Manager Position

Vonage is a prominent player in the cloud communications platform market, valued over $10 billion. This crucial Senior Product Manager role at Vonage focuses on the Numbers service, which is vital for the company's suite of products. The service enables clients like Airbnb and Snapchat to interact with customers worldwide through features such as renting, purchasing, or porting phone numbers.

Why This Role Is Important

The role's significance lies in the Numbers service's integral part in the company's offerings. It connects with other services like Voice, SMS, and Messaging and provides real-time data through lookup services, which are essential for handling messages effectively.


The Senior Product Manager will be responsible for expanding the Numbers services, innovating to tackle scalability challenges, and establishing strategic roadmaps in sync with business goals. Project management duties for cross-functional development initiatives are also part of the role.

Required Skills and Experience

Key qualifications include deep expertise in Numbers services, experience in large-scale operations, knowledge of the technical aspects of software, and project management skills. A minimum of 3 years in a related sector and proficiency in technical, procedural, and regulatory aspects of the industry are required.

Application Requirements

Candidates must possess experience in data protection, compliance, fraud analytics, and threat detection and prevention. A background in the telecom, cloud, or finance industries, along with an understanding of SQL and data schemas, is crucial. A tech degree or a background in law, finance, or business administration is desired.

Benefits and Perks

Vonage provides a dynamic work environment with opportunities for career advancement. It offers competitive pay, benefits including unlimited discretionary time off, and tuition reimbursement. This Senior Product Manager role is integral to driving Vonage's innovation and market leadership in the CPaaS industry.


This job summary highlights the impact and requirements of the Senior Product Manager – Numbers role at Vonage, emphasizing the importance of this position in the company's growth and service delivery.

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Project Management


February 25, 2024


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