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Join Argyle, a Series B startup revolutionizing consumer finance with real-time data, empowering users to own their financial data.

Overview of Argyle

Argyle is an innovative, remote-first Series B startup on a quest to resolve a profound data problem within the consumer finance industry. The current system, which relies on old-fashioned, static documentation like credit reports, is no longer suitable for today's dynamic environment. Credit bureaus operate by trading consumers' personal data without their permission, leading to complex and outdated workflows that hinder financial accessibility and stifle innovation.

Argyle's Mission and Solution

Argyle aims to disrupt this system with a real-time income data platform, granting users the ability to directly connect their employment records to applications and websites. This connection facilitates easier access to financial resources, benefiting both the consumer and the provider by simplifying processes and minimizing risks and costs.

The core mission of Argyle is to empower consumers to take control of their personal data related to income, employment, and identity. The end goal is to foster a financial system that is more equitable, efficient, and effective for all participants.

Joining Argyle

Argyle is looking for enthusiastic and skilled individuals who are eager to join a diverse and ambitious team spread across numerous countries. Career opportunities at Argyle promise to be both fun and challenging, with the potential for significant personal and professional growth.

About the Scanner Engineering Team

The Scanner Engineering Team at Argyle is tasked with the construction and maintenance of integrations to various systems, which often involves reverse engineering and solving complex issues. The squad comprises talented engineers who contribute to the company by devising inventive solutions and enhancing the business's technological foundations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development and maintenance of Scanners.
  • Contributions to the improvement of shared libraries and frameworks.
  • Collaboration and communication with different teams within the organization.

Technological Expertise at Argyle

Python stands as Argyle's primary programming language, supported by a suite of libraries and tools such as Celery, Pydantic, Playwright, and many others. The engineering environment includes Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, Github, and ArgoCD. While familiarity with these technologies is beneficial, a willingness to learn is equally valued.

Job Requirements

  • Experience in Python coding.
  • Expertise in Reverse Engineering of JavaScript/Web Applications.
  • Capable of quick thinking and adapting to change.
  • A strong sense of ownership and focus on solutions.

Bonus skills include knowledge in Android/iOS verification frameworks and strategies for bypassing Bot and Captcha systems.

Why Choose Argyle?

Argyle offers a unique work environment characterizing itself as a remote-first company with an international atmosphere, flexible working hours, and competitive benefits including stock options and a generous home office setup stipend. The team embraces a philosophy of flexibility and empowers its members with the autonomy to balance their personal and professional lives effectively.

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Software development


February 26, 2024


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