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Altruistiq's software automates sustainable data management for businesses focusing on real carbon reduction impact.

Overview of Altruistiq

Altruistiq provides a software solution that offers sustainability intelligence and concrete corporate impact for large businesses committed to more than just reporting in their sustainability initiatives. Their mission involves leveraging data and impact intelligence to empower businesses to significantly increase measurable positive actions. Altruistiq helps automate the measurement, management, and exchange of sustainability data.

Company's Approach and Investment

Believing that sustainability represents the corporate world's most significant data challenge, Altruistiq has secured significant investment to expand their climate tech software capabilities. This technological advancement facilitates improved accuracy and simplicity in sustainability data handling. The details of their latest funding can be explored through provided links.

Role of Product Operations at Altruistiq

The Product Operations team at Altruistiq serves an integral part in harmonizing product, design, and the broader business strategy. It aims to enhance the product team's efficiency and maintain consistent product development methodologies. The main objectives include fostering improved teamwork, ensuring cross-functional alignment, and supporting the achievement of company goals. A Product Operations Analyst is critical for optimizing processes and establishing operational standards, which are deemed essential as the business grows.

Responsibilities of a Product Operations Analyst

The role involves a variety of tasks, including the delivery of business and data insights and maintaining analytics setups. An analyst would also be responsible for providing insights on new feature success, driving strategic decision-making, maintaining research databases, and organizing UX projects. Additional duties include delivering customer and market insights, managing customer research, aligning feedback with product development, and owning competitor analysis. A significant aspect of the position is to ensure clear communication about product updates both internally and externally.

Desired Skills and Experience

Potential candidates should have a foundation in technical expertise, process management, an entrepreneurial spirit, and relationship building. Specific desired skills include proficiency in analytical tools (Excel, Tableau, etc.), knowledge of product analytical tools (Mixpanel, GA, etc.), and familiarity with SQL. The role demands strong process and time management capabilities, an agile approach to stakeholder engagement, and an eagerness to learn and adapt within the technological sector.

Compensation and Benefits

Altruistiq's remuneration is based on experience, promising competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including equity, health and dental insurance, pension contributions, flexible working options, and a generous holiday policy. The company fosters a culture of learning, wellness, and team cohesion through various sponsored initiatives and events.

Commitment to Diversity

Altruistiq encourages a diverse workforce as an integral part of their ethos, offering equal-opportunity employment irrespective of background. They seek to provide accessible application and interview processes for all candidates, affirming their commitment to inclusion and equal treatment within the workplace.


Altruistiq is on the quest to revolutionize sustainable data handling in the corporate sector. By hiring for roles like Product Operations Analyst, they are further enabling their vision of a data-driven approach to sustainability. The company's welcoming policy toward diversity and comprehensive benefits reflects its dedication to creating an inclusive and empowering work environment.

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February 28, 2024


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