silverorange: PHP-focused Web Developer

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Join silverorange as a PHP-focused web developer, a role with growth opps, remote work flexibility, and a supportive, diverse team environment.

About silverorange

silverorange is an experienced design and development agency in Canada, engaged in delivering high-quality projects alongside well-known tech names like Duolingo and Mozilla. They highlight their teamwork, quality of life, and empathy in their workplace culture. The agency has a solid history of 24 years during which they have taken part in various socially impactful projects.

Job Opportunity

They are currently seeking an intermediate or senior web developer with expertise in PHP. This developer will be responsible for updating and implementing features on websites, while later progressing to different web technologies. The role is open right away, with a streamlined onboarding process to start you as soon as possible.


The selected candidate's duties will include making updates to PHP-based websites, working on front-end pages, code review, UI/UX implementation from mockups, client and team engagement, web accessibility improvement, testing, and task management.


Applicants must be eligible to work in Canada, understand object-oriented PHP programming, have experience with SQL databases, front-end tech (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), version control systems, and clear communication abilities. Desirable extra skills include CSS proficiency, graphic assets management, and experience with command-line tools on remote servers.

Growth & Ownership

silverorange places a high value on individual growth and skills development, offering mentorship and leadership opportunities. They also offer paths to employee ownership, with a significant part of the company currently owned by non-founders.

Inclusion & Diversity

The company celebrates and actively seeks to improve diversity in its team and encourages applicants from underrepresented demographics.

Remote Work

Having been remote-friendly for two decades, silverorange is committed to maintaining a remote-first work environment. They provide comprehensive perks and support for remote employees, including an additional remote worker salary add-on.

Benefits & Compensation

Benefits include flexible workdays, paid vacations and civic holidays, company-wide shut downs, health and dental coverage, hardware upgrades, bonuses, competitive salary ranges, and specified salary add-ons.

How to Apply

Candidates can apply before Tuesday, March 12th, 2024. The application process includes submitting a resume, relevant work examples, a personal statement, and optionally additional links to online writing or portfolios. Accommodations are available for applicants throughout the application process upon request.

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Software development


February 29, 2024


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