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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of job offers can I post?

Smart Remote Jobs is a job board that is totally focused on remote job offers. If the job you offer is remote but has some regional restrictions (like, for example, time zone requirements), you'll be able to put them in the "Location" attribute of the offer.

How does billing work?

When you create an offer, you decide the renewal frequency. Before expiration date, you'll be automatically billed to renew it for another period. An e-mail reminder will be sent to you some days before the renewal. Auto renewal will put your offer on top of the feed and keep it on the website as long as it is enabled. If you disable auto renewal, the offer remains visible until it expires.

I've found the employee I looked for. Can I disable auto renewal?

You can disable auto renewal for a specific offer from your management page. The offer remains visible until it expires. Alternatively, you can delete your offer permanently.

An offer of mine expired. Can I reactivate it?

You can't reactivate an expired offer, but you can duplicate it to create another one.

How can I edit or manage my job offers?

First, log in with your e-mail address. A unique link will be sent to you. Then, go to your management page where you can edit your offers, enable/disable auto renewal or delete them permanently.

I need some help.

Feel free to write an e-mail to