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Join Metaplane as a Senior Marketing Designer to craft visual identity & drive brand presence. Remote-friendly, competitive benefits, and a collaborative team.

Discover Metaplane: A Platform for Trustworthy Data

Metaplane provides an innovative observability platform that enables data teams from companies like Imperfect Foods, Reforge, and Drift to monitor their data pipelines effectively. The platform ensures that data issues are identified and rectified promptly, ensuring business executives receive accurate and reliable data.

Our Foundations and Recognition

Based in Boston, Metaplane is a remote-friendly company born from the expertise of MIT and HubSpot alumni. The company has garnered the support of top-tier investors such as Y Combinator and strong endorsements through angel investments from founders of HubSpot, Okta, and Lookout.

To learn more, Metaplane encourages engagement through various industry podcasts like the dbt Analytics Engineering Podcast and Software Engineering Daily.

The Role of Senior Marketing Designer

Metaplane recognizes the need to not only build a superior data observability platform but also to educate on its importance in delivering trusted data. As a Senior Marketing Designer, you will lead the artistic vision, guiding a team of freelance creatives to produce compelling visual content that aligns with our brand and marketing objectives.

Your Impact and Responsibilities

Your role involves shaping our brand’s visual identity, conceptualizing designs to articulate complex concepts, and managing relationships with creative partners. You will also define processes to optimize content production at scale.

Ideal Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate has significant experience in brand/marketing design within a B2B SaaS startup environment, targeting a technical audience. With a rich portfolio that demonstrates a high level of visual and conceptual skill, the candidate should also exhibit strong project management capabilities, interpersonal skills, and proficiency in Figma and other design tools.

Why Join Metaplane?

Metaplane offers attractive benefits, including a competitive salary with equity, extensive insurance coverage, a 401(k) match, and a work-from-home stipend. As a team member, you will be instrumental in shaping the company's future and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Metaplane invites individuals who may not meet every single requirement but share a passion for the mission and domain to apply, reflecting their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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March 4, 2024


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