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Jobbatical optimizes employee visa & relocation with AI, seeking a Global Mobility Agent to aid smooth transitions for clients like N26 and Pipedrive.

Company Overview

Jobbatical is revolutionizing the process of relocating employees to new countries by harnessing the power of AI and automation. Aimed at reducing the time and cost associated with visa and relocation processes, Jobbatical has become a preferred partner for tech startups and established companies. Their goal is to make international moves as straightforward as booking a flight, with a focus on simplifying the immigration aspect, which is often the most challenging part of the process.

With a team dedicated to facilitating seamless transitions, Jobbatical has successfully assisted prominent clients such as N26, Pipedrive, and Travelperk with immigration to over 30 countries. Their growth and reliability are underpinned by the backing from major investors like Union Square Ventures and Swiss Post Ventures.

Job Opportunity: Global Mobility Agent

Jobbatical is expanding its Global Mobility Team with the addition of a Global Mobility Agent. This role is crucial in providing a smooth immigration and relocation experience for talents. The position is remote-friendly, enabling the agent to work from anywhere while managing a variety of responsibilities.

The responsibilities include managing Spanish relocation cases, designing relocation processes, preparing documentation, facilitating communications with multiple stakeholders, supporting clients with accommodation search, and being the point of contact for external partners. The role also entails helping the team with various related tasks and keeping the company's platform up-to-date.

Qualifications for the Role

Ideal candidates should be fluent in English and Spanish (B2 level), comfortable working remotely, tech-savvy, and have strong prioritization skills. The role demands an independent working style, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. Empathy for foreign talent and the ability to distill complex information into understandable advice are key traits.

Additional qualifications that offer an edge include knowledge of immigration processes, experience in client-facing roles, experience in multicultural environments, and personal experience living abroad.

Why Join Jobbatical's Global Mobility Team?

Jobbatical's Global Mobility team is comprised of dynamic professionals dedicated to managing international relocations with care. The company offers a compelling compensation package with company options, opportunities for professional growth, additional annual holiday days, flexible working arrangements, necessary hardware, and a variety of team events.

The full details and insights into the company culture can be found on Jobbatical's website.

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March 5, 2024


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