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Join Glencoco, the remote B2B sales appointment setting platform, for a flexible, commission-based job with potential full-time hire. Apply now!

Introduction to Glencoco

Glencoco is a platform akin to Doordash/Uber that focuses on remote B2B sales appointment setting. It was founded by former engineers from Facebook and MIT, and it's backed by venture capital investors. The company offers a unique opportunity for individuals to function as freelance appointment setters using its app.

How Glencoco Works

Through an easily accessible app, users can sign in, select from various companies, study their training modules, and subsequently schedule appointments. The platform operates on a commission basis, rewarding users for successful appointments. Glencoco also provides resources like a 60-second Instagram video and a demo video illustrating the functionality of their all-in-one app that combines features for appointment setters, telemarketers, and sales consultants.

Earnings and Work Flexibility

Efficient users can potentially earn approximately $61.50 per hour. Glencoco offers the freedom to choose your working hours and the campaigns that interest you, functioning as a 1099 contractor once you've signed up. The platform is equipped with everything needed to be successful, including leads, a dialing system, communication tools, and a Stripe-integrated payment setup for secure transactions, with automated, real-time payouts.

Target Audience and Eligibility

The platform is especially suited for those with experience in selling to Accounting/HR/Payroll Departments, Legal Tech, or Real Estate. To be eligible, applicants must be citizens of the US, UK, or Canada, possess a university degree or be in the process of earning one, and communicate professionally via email or phone. Superior grammar and spelling skills are also a requirement.

Application Process and Opportunities

Those interested can apply through Glencoco's website. The opportunity is ideal for individuals skilled in prospecting, B2B sales, business development, or those seeking supplemental income. It is also suggested for sales representatives looking to convert their gig into full-time employment, with some of Glencoco's partner companies offering such transitions. Furthermore, the company touts a top callers rewards program with weekly and monthly bonuses.


To get started, potential applicants need to create an account on Glencoco's website by following the specified link. The process allows them to familiarize themselves with the platform and available campaigns. Emphasizing its flexible model and rewarding structure, Glencoco represents a new wave of remote work opportunities in the sales sector.

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March 7, 2024


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