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Join Cyware, a cutting-edge cybersecurity platform seeking a passionate back-end developer for an innovative and collaborative team.

Introduction to Cyware

Cyware is pioneering the cybersecurity domain with its state-of-the-art platform, developed by SecOps practitioners and industry experts. Offering robust solutions like TIP, SOAR, and security case management, Cyware empowers organizations to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Its Virtual Cyber Fusion solutions enable secure collaboration and information sharing, enhancing threat visibility for a broad range of industries and governmental bodies.

Who We Are Looking For

Cyware is on the lookout for a back-end developer with a strategic mindset, a proactive attitude, and a focus on delivering results. Candidates should excel in a fast-paced, collaborative setting and possess a growth mindset. This role is not just about building software but also about crafting solutions that customers will love and requires US Citizenship.

Job Responsibilities

The new team member will be responsible for the entire development cycle of new features, from proposal to deployment. They will manage and review code, refine software, and work with cross-functional teams to support Cyware Products. The role will focus on improvements that address development pain points and drive feature development from start to finish.

Qualifications and Skills

Candidates should have a background in Computer Science, Engineering, IT, or a related field, with at least 4 years' experience building Django applications. They must have a strong understanding of Python, Django REST Framework, scheduling frameworks, micro-services architecture, as well as experience with AWS, RDBMS, NoSQL databases, caching, testing, and version control systems. Knowledge of Docker, k8s, OOP, and design patterns are also essential. Extra points for familiarity with Elasticsearch.

Why You'll Love Working at Cyware

Cyware believes in work-life balance and offers competitive benefits such as PTO, insurance coverage, 401(k) match, and home office reimbursements. The company fosters a learning environment with ample professional development opportunities and competitive compensation packages. Most importantly, Cyware ensures a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong.

EEO Statement

Committed to inclusivity, Cyware celebrates diversity and ensures that all employment practices are equitable. All qualified applicants will receive consideration regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability.

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United States

Software development


March 9, 2024


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