Central Procurement Manager

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Join Homebound's dynamic Build to Rent team, aiming for $50M+ revenue. Seeking analytical procurement pros for a fast-paced, tech-driven construction firm.

Homebound's Expansion into the Build to Rent Market

Homebound is broadening its horizons with the introduction of its Build to Rent (BTR) business, setting high targets of exceeding $50 million in revenue for its inaugural year. Already in collaboration with major BTR entities in the U.S., Homebound is on the search for an analytical mind to reinforce its team.

The growth-focused role is designed for an individual with an eye for detail, a knack for cross-functional teamwork, and the agility to maneuver through the uncertainties typical of a rapidly scaling start-up. A direct line to the Head of Procurement ensures a centralized role, although the position offers extensive interaction across various segments within Homebound.

Candidate Attributes and Tasks

Candidates should bring robust numerical and analytical skills to the table, with a readiness to drive progress in an energetic and technologically advanced construction company. A successful applicant will possess comprehensive insights into supply chain operations and procurement disciplines, including negotiations, market trends, and expansion strategies, as well as skills in nurturing trade relationships.

The role encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities, such as managing bid analysis, shaping proformas for burgeoning communities, fine-tuning pricing models, and solidifying partnerships with network teams to fortify the supply chain. The position further requires engagement with design teams for specification packages, procedures enhancement based on past building experiences, and fiscal strategies for new market launches.

Qualifications and Expertise

Aspirants to this role should have at least 5 years' experience in purchasing management within the construction domain. Expertise in purchasing-related tasks—cost estimation, value engineering, budget development, and executing purchase orders—is crucial. A familiarity with Planswift and takeoff software, combined with advanced skills in spreadsheet modeling and project management, will ensure success in this role. Additionally, a meticulous approach to detail, efficiency in prioritizing, and competence in forecasting structural and civil needs from preliminary designs are expected.

Applicants must demonstrate experience in uncovering value engineering aspects, assessing risks, maintaining pricing records, examining job variances post-completion, and tracking financials to analyze variations. Proficiency in unit cost analysis is also a requisite for potential candidates.

About Homebound

Homebound, based in Dallas, Texas, is positioning itself to make a significant impact on the U.S. construction industry through its commitment to innovation and expansion. This role represents an opportunity to join a leading-edge team within a company that’s poised for significant growth in the BTR sector.

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Dallas, Texas



March 14, 2024


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