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Content Writer Job Opportunity at IAPWE

International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE) is actively seeking content writers to craft articles and blog posts across a wide range of subjects. Situated in New York, IAPWE is a well-established platform that proposes a substantial pay rate of $20 per 100 words, averaging to about $100 per article or $50 per hour.

Candidates are encouraged to write on a variety of topics which include health & beauty, fitness, home decor, fashion, sports, DIY projects, finance, legal matters, medical information, family and parenting, relationships, real estate, dining, and various contracting domains. If writers have specific areas of expertise or interest, they are asked to disclose this information as it could be beneficial in topic assignments.

To apply for this prolific opportunity, prospective content creators are advised to send in a writing sample or a link to their published works to the provided email address. The application link is also accessible for potential applicants.

Job Requirements

The IAPWE has set forth a few essential requirements for applicants:

  • Use a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Open Office for all written content.
  • Ensure availability of a consistent and reliable internet connection.
  • Have the ability to adhere to deadlines effectively.
  • Possess strong communication skills to interact with the editorial team and respond promptly.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work cohesively as a part of a content management and editorial team.

This remote, freelance writer position not only offers the flexibility to select from a range of topics but also provides a rewarding payment structure and the support of an experienced editorial staff.

For individuals who are passionate about writing and looking for a lucrative, work-from-home opportunity with a diverse subject matter, this could represent the perfect role. IAPWE's commitment to a wide array of content and a supportive work environment makes it an attractive prospect for writers aiming to expand their portfolios and work with a dynamic team.

To initiate the application process or to gather more information, visit their job posting on We Work Remotely website or contact the IAPWE directly through their provided contact details.

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International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE)

New York

Web content writing


March 14, 2024


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