Senior Product Manager, International Expansion

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Join Monzo as a Senior Product Manager and lead international expansion with autonomy, making a lasting impact on customer lives.

About Monzo

Monzo aims to transform banking into a transparent, simple, and inclusive experience. The community plays a crucial role in shaping Monzo through feature suggestions, app testing, and feedback, ensuring the bank is loved by all. With a focus on problem-solving over product selling, Monzo’s mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives.

The International Expansion Team

As part of the international expansion team, the Senior Product Manager will be at the forefront of developing Monzo’s presence in new markets. The role includes devising strategies to understand customer needs and market opportunities, collaborating with stakeholders for strategic alignment, and launching tailored features to forge Monzo’s success globally.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead cross-functional teams in developing product strategies for international growth.
  • Collaborate with various departments to support strategy execution.
  • Work with growth and marketing teams for re-positioning and launching new features.
  • Balance long-term growth with achieving short-term targets.
  • Design and launch new market-tailored products and go-to-market strategies.


The ideal candidate possesses over 5 years of experience in digital product delivery, shows a founder mindset with ownership for their work, and has a track record of working with Marketing to launch features. Experience with global products, strong communication skills, and resilience in challenging the status quo are also required. Analytical abilities and the power to inspire teams towards common goals are critical.

Nice to Haves

Preferred qualifications include experience in preparing products for global expansion, go-to-market experience, and an understanding of payments and core banking operations.

The Interview Process

Monzo’s hiring process is comprised of an initial recruiter call, a chat with the hiring manager, and a product loop with three different interview aspects. Their process is designed around the candidate’s convenience and is detailed on Monzo's blog for further insight.

What's in It for You

Asides from a competitive salary range and stock options, Monzo provides relocation assistance, visa sponsorship, flexible working locations within the EU, flexible working hours, a learning budget, and more benefits detailed on their careers page.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Monzo is dedicated to creating an equitable environment valuing diversity and inclusion at the workplace, as stated in their annual reports and blogs on these subjects. They stand as an equal opportunity employer, committing to a non-discriminatory hiring process.

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Project Management


March 16, 2024


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