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Join the IEX team and innovate in a tech-forward environment! Passionate about building transformative technology for equity and growth.

About IEX

At IEX, innovation and integrity are central to our mission. Originating as a high-performance stock exchange, we're expanding our technological expertise to drive industry advancements and create equitable opportunities. Building on the principles of discipline and trust, IEX aspires to revolutionize other sectors with our blend of transformative technology, never compromising on our principles. The journey of IEX has just begun, and we're committed to maintaining our dedication to integrity every step of the way.

Opportunities at IEX

If you're looking to be part of a forward-thinking company but haven't found the right position listed, IEX encourages you to submit your resume. Express your interest in any specific roles, and you'll be considered for future openings that align with your experience and career aspirations. By being proactive, you'll be one step closer to potentially joining the IEX team as new opportunities arise.

Why Join IEX?

IEX isn't just a workplace; it's a hub for innovative thinkers who value comprehensive benefits, including equity grants, competitive 401K matches, unlimited PTO, and complete coverage for health insurance. Other perks include OneMedical membership, substantial parental leave, wellness benefits, a flexible workplace, and charitable giving matches. IEX invests in its employees' growth through learning stipends, commuter benefits, a thorough onboarding program, and an internal mentorship initiative. The culture at IEX is built on fostering a friendly, inclusive community where diversity and equality are not only recognized but celebrated.

Commitment to Inclusion and Equality

IEX proudly stands as an Equal Opportunity Employer, vehemently opposed to discrimination in all forms. Upholding the tenets of fairness and equality, IEX ensures all employment policies comply with federal, state, and local laws, aligning with the company's core mission and values. IEX's workplace culture is a reflection of its commitment to an inclusive environment where every individual is respected, and diverse backgrounds are embraced.

Joining IEX

IEX invites professionals worldwide to be a part of a company that values transformation, inclusivity, and integrity. By joining IEX, you have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our continued growth, innovation, and commitment to leveling the playing field through technology and opportunity. Be a part of the team that's redefining industry standards and making a tangible impact on the world.

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Project Management


March 17, 2024


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