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Explore a career with Demandbase, the GTM company using AI & data to align sales/marketing teams and provide top-tier B2B solutions. Diversity & growth embraced.

Introduction to Demandbase

Demandbase is branded as the Smarter GTM™ company that specializes in helping B2B companies achieve their revenue goals through efficient resource utilization. Their strategy entails aligning sales and marketing teams with the help of AI-driven Account Intelligence, which merges company data with Demandbase's expansive data resources for targeted account engagement.

Demandbase places great emphasis on career growth, company culture, and community engagement. With multiple offices and a flexible remote work policy, Demandbase has earned accolades as one of the best workplaces in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly for millennials and parents. The company is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, welcoming applicants from underrepresented groups to contribute to their mission of transforming B2B marketing strategies.

About the Role

The Mid-Market Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Demandbase plays a critical role in nurturing and expanding customer relationships through the strategic use of Demandbase solutions. By providing expertise in digital business and B2B marketing, the CSM ensures customer satisfaction, drives platform adoption, and aids clients in realizing the value of Demandbase services swiftly. Salary ranges are transparent, and significant bonuses are possible.

Responsibilities for the CSM include serving as the primary customer contact, driving platform usage, onboarding new clients, offering ABM best practices, and identifying growth opportunities. Their goal is to command credibility with senior marketing executives, leverage a thorough understanding of Demandbase products, and be effective communicators and project managers.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates for the CSM position are expected to have over five years of relevant experience, sales acumen, and familiarity with marketing automation, CRMs, and content management systems. Additionally, they should possess a keen understanding of the digital landscape and have a proven track record in both delivering solutions and establishing ROI.

Benefits and Diversity at Demandbase

Demandbase offers competitive benefits including fully paid insurance premiums, flex PTO, wellness platforms, and holiday time-offs. The company is deeply committed to supporting diverse talents and fostering an inclusive environment where discrimination is not tolerated. Demandbase acknowledges the importance of diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices, striving to make continued progress in these areas.

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San Francisco Bay Area

Customer support


March 19, 2024


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