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Join Semafor as a Deputy News Editor to shape global journalism through transparency, innovation, and exploring diverse perspectives in news.

Who We Are

Semafor is a news organization dedicated to providing journalistic transparency and catering to a global audience. Recognizing that the world’s major stories and crises, such as climate change, pandemics, and political turbulence, are global in nature, Semafor aims to redefine news delivery in a time where media trust is waning. By exploring different perspectives across borders, the team is committed to cutting through the noise of the news cycle with clear, smart views.

About the Role

Semafor seeks an experienced journalist with a global perspective and an understanding of internet news distribution for the role of Deputy News Editor. This role involves leading a team that covers globally important stories and produces the Asia morning edition of Semafor's Flagship newsletter. Ideal candidates should possess experience in various news areas like geopolitics, technology, and finance, have lived or worked in diverse countries, and have strong language skills. The position requires availability Sun-Thurs 11am-7pm EST and can be based remotely or in Semafor’s offices in NYC or Washington DC.

Your Responsibilities

As Deputy News Editor, you will be producing the Asia morning edition of Flagship and leading a team on breaking news stories for an international audience. You’ll collaborate with different teams, focus on story distribution, provide quick insights into news stories, and ensure the writing has flair and personality. Your role is to execute editing across a broad spectrum of topics with confidence, catering to reader interests.

What Makes You Qualified

Candidates should have over 4 years of journalism experience with a track record of engaging online audiences and newsroom leadership. A strategic approach to identifying break news is essential, along with fluency in social media metrics and the ability to summarize diverse topics swiftly and elegantly. A passion for world events, a wide range of interests, and adaptability to a dynamic work environment are important, coupled with experience in diverse team settings.


The salary ranges from $90,000 to $127,000. Semafor also offers comprehensive benefits, including PTO, medical plans, and retirement benefits, varying by country and according to eligibility.

Additional Job Details

Semafor champions equal opportunity employment, with an inclusive approach to recruiting that welcomes applications from all backgrounds. The company asserts its commitment to non-discrimination across all protected categories.

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NYC or Washington DC, or remote

Web content writing


March 20, 2024


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