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Join Built, the innovator at the intersection of FinTech and PropTech, aiming to revolutionize the $1.4T U.S. construction industry with technology.

Overview of Built

Built is a pioneering growth-stage company poised at the crossroads of financial technology (FinTech) and property technology (PropTech). With the ambitious goal of transforming the way the world is constructed, Built leverages advanced technology and services to streamline the colossal $1.4 trillion U.S. construction industry. The organization has crafted a robust platform tailored for the construction finance sector, designed to enhance the flow of funds across all parties involved in construction and real estate, thus bolstering risk management and productivity levels.

Built's Product Offerings and Client Base

Built's product suite encompasses software, payments, a B2B marketplace, and data solutions, serving over 190 leading financial institutions and an extensive network of contractors throughout North America. These cutting-edge tools facilitate a harmonious financial ecosystem for various stakeholders in the construction and real estate industry.

Company Achievements and Work Culture

Built has not only secured a hefty $125 million in Series D funding, achieving a valuation of $1.5 billion, but also boasts a reputation as one of Forbes’ Best Startup Employers in America and one of The Tennessean’s 2022 Top Workplaces. The company attributes much of its success to its dedication to attracting the 'best talent in the world'—a commitment that remains integral to its ongoing expansion.

Product Marketing Team and Role Description

As an integral part of Built's dynamic Product Marketing team, a prospect will play a pivotal role in driving both inbound and outbound marketing functions. The inbound function involves synthesizing feedback from various customer-facing teams to align with Built's vision and value proposition. Conversely, the outbound function necessitates collaboration with the Product Management team to craft compelling narratives for product launches, ensuring the messaging resonates with the inbound strategy.

Responsibilities of the Role

  • Deeply engage with customer insights to develop solutions for their most pressing challenges.
  • Innovate the process for collecting inputs from customer-facing teams to improve product development and prioritization.
  • Create new channels and mechanisms for customer engagement in collaboration with the demand generation and sales enablement teams.
  • Generate high-quality release notes that encapsulate Built's vision and address customer needs.
  • Be a collaborative partner across Sales Enablement, Marketing, and PR to effectively communicate outbound messaging.

Candidate Profile

Prospective candidates are expected to possess at least 5 years of experience in product marketing or product management, with a knack for creative problem-solving and a focus on prioritization. Moreover, candidates should have a record of building zero-to-one products, and an ability to run comprehensive go-to-market plans across multiple channels.

Compensation and Perks

Built offers a robust compensation package ranging from $145,000 to $180,000 USD annually, inclusive of equity, bonuses, and comprehensive benefits. Employees also enjoy uncapped vacation days, learning grants for professional development, and flexible working arrangements among other perks.

Inclusivity and Diversity at Built

Built is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive workplace and actively seeks to hire and promote individuals without bias, celebrating a range of backgrounds and perspectives. Ensuring a diverse and supportive environment is fundamental to the company’s ethos and its success.

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North America



March 21, 2024


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