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Join our mission at RenoFi as an SEO Growth Manager to drive organic growth and tap into future home equity for renovations. Be a part of our diverse team!

About RenoFi

At RenoFi, the company is reinventing how renovations work by empowering homeowners to borrow against the future equity of their homes. As the renovation company of the future, RenoFi has found a niche in the market, with customers loving the unique value proposition offered. This is a time of rapid growth for RenoFi, and there is an open position for an SEO Growth Manager to help expand the company's reach.

The Role of SEO Growth Manager

The SEO Growth Manager at RenoFi will serve as the authority on SEO and organic growth. Responsibilities include defining the SEO roadmap, analyzing data to identify content gaps, leveraging resources to improve search rankings, and testing and optimizing organic content. Collaboration with teams across the company, such as Engineering, Product, Design, and Data, is critical. Additionally, the role involves developing a performance monitoring system to track SEO success.

Desired Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years of SEO experience, with a track record of increasing organic traffic. Experience in standing up a new function, using both internal and external resources, is expected. Strong analytical skills and an ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams are essential. Candidates with Fintech, mortgage, or financial services expertise are preferred, and those with founder or startup experience will find this role particularly suited to their skills. RenoFi values diversity and encourages all interested candidates to apply.

Company Culture and Benefits

RenoFi is not only committed to transforming the renovation industry but also to building a diverse global team. The company offers competitive packages, including cash and equity, as well as health and retirement plans in the United States. A flexible vacation policy is available for employees worldwide. The role prioritizes candidates in the US or GMT-adjacent time zones, and prior remote work experience is a plus when applying.

RenoFi’s Impact

The RenoFi platform fills a significant gap for homeowners struggling to finance major renovations by allowing them to take loans based on the After Renovation Value (ARV) of their homes. This innovative lending model benefits homeowners, contractors, and credit unions alike. For homeowners, it enables renovation projects years earlier; for contractors, it streamlines financing options at the point of sale; and for lenders, it generates new loan opportunities and membership growth. RenoFi’s suite of loan products addresses the varied needs of today's homeowners, making the company a tri-party benefactor.

Vision and Growth

Backed by top investors like First Round Capital and NYCA Ventures, RenoFi is on a trajectory of significant growth. The company is positioned well to capitalize on the strong demand for home renovations by offering an innovative solution that addresses a major financial hurdle for many homeowners.

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United States or GMT-adjacent time zones



March 25, 2024


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